Blade's Spriting Smithy

I should have done this a long time ago, but I mustered up the courage to put up my mugs and sprites. Yes, I’m putting on my big boy pants to prove to absolutely no one. Anyways, if you don’t know me, I’m Blade.

Ever since January 2017, I’ve been making mugs because I want to get good and for my own personal enjoyment. Being a lurker for god knows how long, I got myself involved in the spriting scene.

When I started, I totally had no idea how anything worked. With a lot of help on my work and constant revisions from super duper cool awesome spriting gal pals of mine, I seriously appreciate them for giving me feedback. I would have never improved as much as I did without them :slight_smile:

For easy reference, here’s a gallery of my stuff so far. If you plan to use any of these mugs, please credit me or ask me for permission. Stealing is bad.

11/21/21 EDIT: Now with Mordeus and Friends!

I also got myself into battle sprites so as a first serious battle sprite I made FFT Summoners both genders. I don’t usually make battle sprites so I’m no expert.

During one of my frequent breaks in between making mugs, I did make some skill icons just for fun. The majority of them are from Fates or Heroes.

These skill icons are free to use.

Bottom Row Skills are new! The last four skills: Reverse Delta, Bopeep, Bloody Mary, and Acupuncture are also now available in my F2U skill icon collection.

When I was making an OC, I realized there’s like no characters with dark/tanned skin at all. Let alone custom sprites with darker skin. Therefore, my initiative is to make more dark skin tones for people to use because pasty white anime people are kind of boring to look at.

All of these FE8 skin tones are free to use/edit; I do not claim ownership of them. Body is provided by AK.


You do good work. That Lena is particularly good.

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Oh, you. I wanted to right my wrongs. She deserved to be better than a Natasha edit. Thank you :smiley:


Top notch stuff man, keep up the good work!

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I really need mugs like this :v

Those are really nice mini-mugs too. That’s a nice touch. These are top-notch!

Hello! Blade here again after disappearing for some time due to school and personal interests (I play in the front ensemble). Today I have a new portrait as an update to the spriting thread which happens to be Lukas from FE SoV. Initially, I wasn’t so keen on taking up a rather insane request to make Lukas for FE RED, an upcoming project by Mystic, but I wanted to make another guy so I put on my big boy pants.

I did splice some parts which were mostly Lukas’ face, but almost everything is made from scratch and or edited manually by me.

Again, I couldn’t have made this look as good as it is without the help of some amazing colleagues that know sprites better than me. This spriting thread is dedicated towards all of those who have supported me.

If you wish to use my work for any means, please credit me or ask me for my consent. I greatly appreciate the time you take to talk to me.


As a great man once said- “DAD.”


Who is this “Dad” I wonder hmmmm??? :thinking:

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Current WIP for now. I wanted to update so you guys aren’t left for dead. I am very very busy with real life right now, but I will finish this new project I dub… “Ribbon Girl”. Her real name is Ginny Knights from an underrated Square JPRG known as Saga Frontier 2.

I adore its OST a lot, too much.


I finished her several days ago. She was really fun to remake and she got the treatment she deserves. Happy Thanksgiving!


I finished another mug today and this guy’s name is Raymond! He is another character from Saga Frontier 2 who is an archer. An excitable twenty-one-year-old with a natural affinity for fighting, ironically sardonic. I’ve been very interested to make him for some time now haha. He doesn’t get as much screen time. Talented people aided me in this long grueling process and I have a lot of gratitude for them. :smiley:

You know I’ve been very fond of these characters from an underloved JRPG, but I do seek to make a mini project of my own someday. Perhaps based on SF2 or whatnot. I love to branch off to explore more of myself even though I could never find the opportunity to do so.

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Nice job on the Mug Blade,I hope you can continue your love of art and improve.

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Hi guys!! I completed another portrait today whose name is Tyler, another Saga Frontier 2 character. He’s half wolf which very cool, but he uses axes so that makes him cooler. He’s one of my favorites in the cast I like all characters regardless except Narcisse and Nebelstern anyways. The first mug of a new year and it’s almost my one year anniversary doing sprites. :slight_smile:


Really good sprite (and those which you posted before too). Fits smoothly in the gba style. :smiley:

I also like the FFT Summoners Battle Sprites. Good job!

I’m here again with a new sprite, Sargon who is another SF2 character! He is an aspiring adventurer who tragically turns E V I L under the influence of The Egg, the catalyst of the destruction of all life. Thankfully I made his pre-evil persona… whose fifteen.

His original design had him with cereal bowl armor. If you do not believe me look at this, then try to convince me otherwise.

Skin tight clothes and rip off samus shoulder pads. There is also bowl hands. Sooo I decided to take my own liberties.

I like Sargon though I wish he had more screen time.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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So Blade here again after an indefinite amount of time, yeah my work schedule is rather slow now during the spring semester for obvious reasons. I will introduce another portrait into the group, and it is a guy with purple hair yes very interesting.

Tada! His name is Jet, a bard who seeks adventure. Rather flamboyant, but stumbles easily. Extremely talented in music.


I am very proud of this portrait because it shows how far I’ve improved and I seek to gain more so I can be the best I can be. Although time is tight, there are many things I desire to accomplish here and one of them is making my own self-proclaimed hack. Yes, that seems far-fetched but I thought myself making sprites was far-fetched in the first place. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility. :wink:

The more I make these sprites, it keeps getting more fun and fun when I can finally imagine the end product! The feedback I receive along with the experience of making a portrait is so satisfying.


IS that freaking final fantasy summoner battle sprite! Dude… i gotta see their animation in action


Omg yaaasssss Blade. Your mugs give me liiifffeee

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