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Hello! I’m back for another update on my thread and summer vacation allows me to have a lot of free time to whatever and mess around. Today’s update is a remake of one of my older portraits who also wears a hat! Unsurprisingly, this lady is also from SaGa Frontier 2 and her name is Labelle, an archer looking for her brother.


Before & After

I do not know any of these SaGa Frontier 2 characters at all. I just love the game to pieces and make fanart of my favorite characters. UNLESS THIS SPRITE IS PERMITTED AS FREE TO USE BY A BLITZ OR WHATNOT, YOU MUST CREDIT ME IF YOU WANT TO USE MY WORK IN ANY OF YOUR WORKS.

A special mention goes to the people who helped me and edited my work when I asked for help. I very much appreciate it! :>

When I was remaking her, I started off strong with what I was comfortable with. Splicing the head, jawline, and eyes weren’t as big of an issue in comparison to creating the hair, hat, and body from scratch. Sometimes, making something out of your own mind is more difficult than it appears to be and I had to take a lot more breaks than usual to complete the portrait. It is stressful for me because I want to make her pretty but I also want to get it over with so I can start fresh on new projects.

Usually, I struggle with certain parts of portraits like hair. During those low points while making her by hand, I break down with fickle emotions such as jealousy, anxiety, disappointment, anger, etc. Often I feel inferior to others because of my non-existent background. Art is frustrating but I can’t stay frustrated and jealous forever so I have to keep moving forward when I want to be great pixel artist.

If my art sucks then I’m fine with it. I knew that I put a lot of time and effort into it and I believe it paid off.


The line where the fringe meets the right side of the hair looks off - maybe too straight?
but otherwise this is really good and the clothing looks much better than the old version.
Keep practicing this art is really good :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello! Blade here with two new sprites today. Yes, *two sprites and one of them is an FE4 character but lemme showcase the other one first.

Cameron (Free to Use).

Cameron was just a fun little splice I made as a contributor for the forum’s upcoming Void’s Blittzare Adventure sequel. Uh huh. A sequel hehehe. I never got to participate in the original CC Blitz but I can now with the sequel! Hopefully.

Next we have. . .


Yeah, so I decided to create her solely because I liked her. And I have an actual excuse to do this meme.

“Azel, you’re too late.”

Hehehe its so fun messing around with your own creations. It’s fulfilling to make these sprites. Tailtiu took a long time for me to make considering I almost made everything single part of her sans the head, out of scratch. It was a long and frustrating process mostly due to her hair and outfit which is based on her Heroes design.

Kudos goes to Black Mage for helping me out with the minimug, beads, and chains, Lenh for always helping me out with hair, WhydidImakethisaccount for his edits to the facial features, and Nobody for his contributions. Of course I wouldn’t leave out the people who have been supporting me from the very beginning of my spriting career like Horatio, Eliwan, Zmr, Mystic, Monkeybard, Ganzap, Natsumi, Xigdar, Tchyrimi, Glaceo, Blaze, FEier, and etc.

Thank you!!

Notes: I forgot some people to mention :-p and some edits to my drabbling.


Good job on that Taltiu!! It looks amazing!


Off-topic but holy hell that’s a bad localisation. Add it to the list I guess.


I wouldn’t really say so…

I really like that splice, actually. The face in particular has just enough different parts to not be immediately recognisable. Tailtiu’s hair is big but I guess that’s inherent to her design.


Then I blame the Japanese devs for writing that poorly, unless the pronunciation is different than what I’m expecting.
ティルテュ definitely does not come out to “Tailtiu” in my book.


I’m always confused by the translation of Tailtiu’s name.

The Japanese name is roughly, Tiltyu? Then the old fan translation of FE4 made it Tailto and Project Naga made her name into Tallite. Once CYL1 came about, it gave everyone and I mean everyone “official” translated names.

Talk about confusing…

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As I said to Nickt in a PM, Tailtiu is a Gaelic name and therefore the pronunciation is closer to Teeltyuh. The Japanese version is a slight corruption. It’s definitely a weird one, but there is the same language where Saoirse is pronounced like “Seershuh” so :man_shrugging:


Hello! Blade back again with a new sprite to showcase. This character is also from FE4 and it’s…

ISHTAR (C’mon family reunion)

Arguably Ishtar did not take that much longer to make than Tailtiu. Yeah, the main reason I made Ishtar was because I just liked her design in FEH and I thought it would totally fun to make her in the FEGBA style.

“Reinhardt you’re too late.”

Sorry to be unprofessional but norted memes are my favorite. Almost everything about Ishtar was made from scratch and there are some things I am certainly (not) proud of such as the hair, pauldrons, cape, and collar. I did my best to recreate the character’s look from FEH into the GBA style and I think that alone is good enough. An attempt is better than no attempt at least.

You know, its super interesting to do your own take on a character that people have drawn before. Take a look at the Ishtar sprites I’ve come across while I was searching for potential references. Some of these sprites are several years old. Can you believe that?

(Left to Right: Blade, Squidorsky, Nih, and Blackavar)

Again, I can’t help but be grateful to the many experienced artists in this community who helped me from time to time with areas I am not familiar with like hair or armor.

EDIT @ 8/22/2018: Typos and more gibberish.


Praise Blade!
btw if you ain’t gonna be spriting the rest of the family, just you know that I will be doin’ it
btw more versions of Ishtar, I found idk who made it though


Hello! School is back and Junior year is not fun because real life is rearing its head for awhile. I’ll post new sprites and changes to existing sprites I’ve made as much as I can. Today I’ll share you my most recent version of Tailtiu.

“Keep it interesting, and I’ll chat with you for as long as you like. Got a spare hour or two?”

Not much drastically changed Tailtiu but I opted to use more lighter skin around the far side of her face, edited the eyebrows, and sharpen her jawline & chin. Her eyes are arguably the biggest change from the last version of her and I have to thank Blaze for helping me out with the new eyes to make her appear more youthful.

Totally off tangent but I’ve been browsing several FE forum threads for fan projects and I’m gushing at sqrtofpi’s sprites (specifically Tailtiu) for his FE4 remake and they made the characters look so distinct and stylish! Whenever I find good looking sprites, I try to pick up and emulate whatever I can into my own sprites because I like it a lot. Though that isn’t always a good thing…


That’s probably Vampelf’s.


Hello! I’m back with more new sprites to show off here today (only two because school has been on my case for the past two months).

My Own Avatar Now in Sprite Form!!!

Totally cool right? I legitimately made my avatar from scratch this time. No splicing, no stupid frankenstein splicing machine, no half splice & half custom, none of that; the mug was made from the ground up with a 36 x 36 circle.This avatar character was one of the first Discord avatars I used frequently up until I stopped using it since 2017. That was during the initial struggles of my spriting career. I owe a lot to Lenh and Blaze for giving me pointers again. :smile:

So recently I made another sprite this past week. This is one of my more serious products.

FFT%20Squire%20Or%20RAD FFT’s Male Squire!!

Hehe, I had the great idea to make a series of GBA mugs dedicated to the first Final Fantasy Tactics game and it’s gonna be based on making the Job Classes! FFT is one of my favorite SRPG games outside of Fire Emblem (shocking I know). Yes, I’d love to try to make both genders of the class, but taking on the task of making 40 something mugs out of 20 job classes (20 jobs*2 variants) is super daunting.

Oh well, this “self-proclaimed project” might suck but I intend to challenge myself to make the best product(s) I can outta this. :blush:

EDIT: Male Squire’s face has been reworked (mostly the mouth) meaning I have made new frames for the guy.


Hello again! Today I just finished another sprite based on FFT and its…

Fem%20Squire FFT’s Female Squire!!!

Granted her design is easier to pull off but it has been a while since I messed with long hair and making armor from scratch is rather annoying… Whatever! I’m still proud of the product I put out hehehe


My goal making these FFT portraits is not making them insertable-- I just do it out of complete habit and this is purely for my own pleasure, BUT I’ll likely make them insertable despite some designs not going to fit in the damn hackbox (Black Mage, Time Mage, Male Mime, Samurai, etc).

EDIT: Gave the mini eyebrows + a top :stuck_out_tongue:


There was supposed to be a new year thing but life happened. Anyways, I am still alive (and screaming in FEU). My quest to make quality custom sprites have not ended yet.

So two or three months ago, I finished the FFT Chemist Set.


I don’t think I am particularly proud of the Male Version that much since there is a lot of problems going on that make this custom not very… FE GBA to a T. Yes, it uses the same colors and attempts to do the general FE8 shading style, but the build of this person fails to capture that FEGBA magic.

Meanwhile for the Female Version, I am very proud of her design because I somehow made good looking hair by myself. However, I am still not very good at making sensible folds and creases on clothes.


I think the hat of the female Chemist needs more outline on her left side (our right), especially near the neck. It makes them appear to be quite close together otherwise.


Blade here, I am back with a super special piece today~

Here is my very first custom halfbody featuring Naoto Kurogane from BlazBlue! I did this for a friend @Pikmin1211

This is not free to use by any means please do not steal.

Naoto%20Kurogane%20Halfbody%20(white) Naoto%20Kurogane%20Halfbody

For a halfbody, I did a pretty decent job but this took forever.


the lad

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Another Halfbody. Another SaGa Frontier 2 character, its Johan! My 40th post on my own thread wow