Best Characters in FE (Wrong Answers only)

Everyone needs a little Rizz; having a hype-man in your corner can make all the difference and give you that second wind to carry the day. Its easy to talk up legends and heroes in the franchise, talk up how cool Joshua’s hat is, how Fredrick has the hypest crit quote in the franchise, how Marcus got a hernia in FE7 from carry the team that made him struggle in FE6…

But lets give your favorite underdog or un-sung hero a day in the limelight. I’ll give you a couple examples to get the ball rolling:

FE1- Davos Seaw… Darros. Who needs luck or skill when you are a wall of meat and muscle with near un-challenged access to axes. Bord Cord Nord? those nerds can’t Walk on water can they? Man was repping the brigand/pirate life before Jack Sparrow made it cool, and did it all with a stylish bandanna the whole way

FE4- Arden. This absolute King looked at Sigurd and his horse boys and said “two legs is good enough”. The man has the charisma and style of a Jojo villain, and will go on a quest of self-improvement to attract a waifu, and like the absolute chad he is, will gladly sell the ability to double attack at the nearest pawn shop so one of his fellow knights can get it as an engagement ring for his queen. Two busy wearing the crown and holding the fort to be anything other then peak

FE5- Marty. Don’t let those bases fool you, this man has been bulking at the gym to prepare for war. The only canon Bear-genre man in the franchise, you give this man a couple fancy pieces of paper to keep in pocket, and he’ll promote from Brigand to Chad, and pick up the enemy and the horse he rode in on for you to rob blind and release like a wounded deer

FE5 Shannam- This man will get you stacks on stacks with that bargain skill, guaranteeing Lief and friends will have all the drip going into endgame. He’s also, so far, the only character to teach hokkaido no ken to another character through pure zen bullshit. No holy bloodline, no wielding a magic sword, he just told a girl to be like a sword unto her enemies and she mastered it on the spot

FE13 Kellam- This man has the utterly busted shade skill as a free personal skill, a skill so good his daughter can’t inherit it, and due to an oversight from IS, only properly works in support conversations and cut scenes, otherwise this man would just walk to the throne un-contested and hold the fancy chair for Chrom uncontested. More importantly, this man has a kind of humor the Sheperds are in dire need of, since funny murder mage, funny Jaigan, funny horse girl, funny himbo, funny candy thief, funny yandere, funny foreigner, funny dragon girl, funny yandere, and funny Miles Edgeworth don’t cover the niche of comedy Kellam adds to the cast that keeps the Isekai harem protagonist entertained while they finish their fan-fiction-cum-strategy-game. Also, his daughter can bench press a house and will break weapons before you can break her, so thats cool


Finally someone puts some respect on the name of Dagdar’s Babygirl.


Poetry, in its most pure essence


Riddell / Ridale in FE4 is arguably the best ‘captain’-type boss in the series. Obviously not a chapter boss since, well, it’s FE4. But he very succinctly communicates with just a couple of lines:

  • that child hunts are not only ongoing in the empire, but so routine as to be dull
  • that he’s jaded at the state of things; the empire has been by and for the cult for a long while, and being ordered around by priests is just what military men have come to expect
  • that, yeah, he relishes a real job! but that’s all it is. it isn’t about honour, it’s about wanting to feel useful

Not only giving a clear idea of the character but serving as a microcosm of the empire’s officer-class as a whole.

Ralf in FE5 is also terminally underrated. Like he’s often stated to be really dull. This isn’t actually true, and he serves as a really good example for how to quickly establish characterisation while, again, tying into the world-state:

  • yes, he’s a mercenary and would really prefer to be fighting for money
  • (with all the implications of being a ‘hired killer’ that FE usually sidesteps)
  • but even he, A Thug, has a line in the sand he will not cross; he Cannot just sit by and watch this happen, or walk away
  • this world-state is fucked enough that even tired, hardened killers are finding their conscience, out of a desperation to see the end of it all

Sure, he’s a brunet in a blue shirt and has nothing more after that point to say. But he’s already said all he needs to. Particularly valuable as a stock answer when people ask ‘how do I justify in-story this random guy joining for gameplay reasons?’ I don’t particularly care for either Jugdral game, but there’s a lot to learn from them both regardless.


FE10 - Aran.

Dude’s got an easy job, an easy retirement, and easy life of soldering. Throws it all away, completely unwillingly, for some priestess whose sis-zoned him. And not even the main priestess or even her little sister. No it’s the 3rd rate, completely redundant, 4 lines of dialogue force of nature Laura the 17th staff-user in the Tellius series.

He’s also known for being able to hold off 2 tiger laguz for more than like 2 turns which is an absolute feat for a Dawn Bridead member.


He trained under 3-13 to be peak generic, and by good, he will hold that line

That’s a good point @Parrhesia; not enough bosses get love too. Its easy to reference the endgame dragons and emperors, or the memetic bandits and try hards, but even your average Generic FE4 Baron holding the castle needs love, if just for each one requiring peak chess strats to tackle, or the entire Coupe of Green Haired Nerds ™ that stood against LLewyn and Fury/Erinyes/Ferry to make a power play to get the power of a blizzard


Haitaka from Fe Conquest:

  • When the queen died, decided to take the matter into his own hand and manage to capture a royal
  • Occupy a fortress that is basically an elder dragon corpse
  • Has rally defense


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FE10 Lyre.
This girl can sometimes occasionally double enemies when transformed and do around 6 damage, then gets a whopping 7 exp from killing an enemy, and gets one rounded by everyone and their grandma while untransformed. So she’s the wor-

Nevermind guys, her portrait is kinda cute. She’s S tier


Neimi. She’s got worse bases than a generic male archer, save for luck and speed, and she can’t wield a steel bow or risk getting weighed down by 3 points…

But she’s cute, and one of the only characters in the GBA games to have named children in her support. So she’s clearly the best fe8 unit.


Arden is such a funny character to use in FE4. Not only he is foot-locked in a mounted-centered game, but he has one of the worst classes of the game in terms of movility, not to mention his stats and bases that makes him technically one of the worst units in the whole game… But give him some good stats busters, good level ups and a decent arsenal, and you can have a behemoth of a unit (maybe a little bit exaggerated, but it really end up as such in my playthrought). Personality-wise, while not the deepest or most fleshed out character, he is looked down for being slow, so is always funny to transform him into a beast to shut everyone’s mouth. Definetly, the ultimate underdog of FE4.



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Neimi is unironically pretty nice because you can get 5x5 fire support for Garcia with her and Ross. Which translates to +25 Hit, Crit & Avoid and +5 Atk. Effectively making Garcia a Berserker regardless of class.


Neimi really is peak archer design; Forget incentivizing with speed, luck and skill growths that would make a myrmidon blush, make her totally average to pair perfectly with her equally average bubblegum crisis colored partner-in-crime, and just have them run off and rob chests together while the end of the world and cyrstal chronicles happens with the Coffin of Erika and Ephraim. And every single character she supports with has their moe instincts activate no matter if they are older, younger, male or female; All must protect this sweet little girl with her grandad’s bow at all costs


Arthur in FE Conquest.
What do you mean he has shaky hitrates? Life’s a gamble.
He has abysmal Luck growth? There’s no such thing as Luck on the battlefield.
He faces low crits constantly? Who cares, he has a glorious chin to take them on.


Edelgard. Never before have I seen a character whos intentions and actions are perfectly justified and has absolutely no holes whatsoever.


Trec. He may be mid incarnate and must be recruited in a chapter that’s infamous for being ridiculously difficult, and lacking reasons to be used in the first place thanks to the excess pf cavs you get in FE6, and he has the dopiest facial expressions imaginable… but that’s all part of the charm for me. I always make a spot available for him whenever I play FE6 and even if he’s not very good, I really enjoy using him, regardless. Plus, his supports are great, especially with Melady & Gonzales. If you haven’t already, give them a read.

PoR Rolf is a good option as well. I’m a big sucker for archers in general and I immediately set upon using the little guy even when one look at his bases indicated that he would suck balls. However, he’s a cute kid so all is forgiven. I took him all the way to endgame and putting enemies to sleep with Deadeye was always funny to me.


but can she beat tanya tho


This won’t turn into a mean spirited thread being used as an excuse to make fun of some of the most divisive characters in the series, no, it definitely won’t.
Never. Definitely.

Alfonse truly embodies what every Fire Emblem lord of the saga is. A lord.