Berwick Saga Hard mode

Here’s a lazy patch I did based on my feels and lexicon’s redux patch and a few ideas from mintx…

Presenting you with berwick saga hard mode.

what does it have:
Increased weapon durability
buffs to units to hopefully make them usable, mainly skills and increased weapon growth rates
not sure but according to the bws editor, selecting hard should give enemy two extra stats to their base stats.
QoL like 4 mov marcel, vulneraries on guest units, 4 mov derrick and burroughs.

Patch it on a translated iso with aethin 2.0 patch.

Here’s the xdelta patch:

Here’s the readme/script file, use it to modify the patch however you patch, gather info, or as an alternate patching method. Just remembee to mention me:

the text file name says lunatic, but it’s hard mode, I’m a lazy bum and don’t feel like changing it.