Bard (FE6) in fe8 possible?

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  • Hacking method: Febuilder
  • Base Game:Fe8

I was trying to put the bard class from fe6 to fe8 and I saw that after importing the Battle animation that there were no “bird sound effects” in fe8, I searched in patches and found nothing.
Do I have to use a different animations or can i do something about it ?

I haven’t actually tested it in this particular case, but I made a tutorial on fixing the missing sound effects for the Aircalibur, Eckesachs wave, and Binding Blade flame animations in FE7/FE8, and I’d assume the process would be more or less the same. Locate the bird chirping sound effects from FE6 in its song table, then follow the same process.

Of course, it’s possible that FE7 and FE8 actually overwrote certain sound effects from previous games with others rather than just blanking them out, which might require more tinkering if the bird chirping slot got repurposed for something else (you’d need to import the bird sound effect into an empty slot, then modify the battle animation script to call that sound effect ID instead), but either way it should be completely doable to get it working in FE8.

Also, when importing the FE6 Bard map sprites, don’t forget to get the associated AP data from FE6, as well! It’s not important for most classes, but refresh units have special AP data to account for using their refresh actions with battle animations turned off, so it is relevant in this case.