Ballistician Class. Thoughts?

Hey y’all!

So I finished up a run of FE11 a little while ago. And I decided not to use Ballistician for that run. It really felt like there was something missing on the team, like there was some sort of feature I was missing out on.

Could be because they were very useful with obvious weaknesses? Or maybe I just got lucky.

What do you think of the Ballistician class? Lemme know down below!

(Also if you’ve never heard of a Ballistician class: FEWiki Ballistician Page:)


Weeeell I may not be the right person to comment but I’m going to tell you what I think about ballisticians.
The first FE game I played was FE11 and I loved it.

But, The ballists chapter when Linde appears was very difficult to me at the first time and I stopped playing it. I thought they were so injustice.
Years later I re played it and I love the ballistician class. The attack range is so long but they has short move range and I think that’s fair.

Ballists in FE GBA are good but not having a ballist class was shocking to me.

As many people may know, I’m working on a project based on YGO and FE, where classic monsters take place in a world similar to the FE games. Many of the monster classes are based on FE classes so I have in fact a ballistician class that is Catapult Turtle.
This is because I’m making a YGO game basically but I want to keep some FE base cause my project it’s an inspiration of both. So I’m going to describe my ballist class. It may help, maybe.

Catapult Turtle it’s a metal covered turtle with a catapult on it shell.
So a ballistician bases class it can only use ballist ammo, and those have a very great attack range but the monster has low movement range. There are a low variety of ammo, having normal, extra range and killer one.
As It is a metallic monster it counts as armor class. And it can also move on water cause it’s a turtle like ballist ships in FE GBE.

I like having FE fangames and hacks with custom classes and items. Ballisticians are cool the way they are. They can even be treated as Archers promo. They may counts as armor/heavy units to add another weakness cause I see them too OP.
I would really like to see more ballisticians like classes on FEU. And of course. I would love to see your thought about them.

There are a lot of cool and forgotten FE classes and a lot of ways to improve or custom them.

Any class is too bad or too good. It’s all up to you and how you create it or use it. Just have a little more of imagination.
That’s all.
Sorry for the long text. I hope you like it.


I think Ballisticians are interesting, however if they’re in a game they need to be carefully balanced. The only game where I used the class as a player was FE11, I didnt use them in Fates or the Cannoneer in Engage.

I find as an enemy, they’re there to slow down the player’s advance and check fliers. Otherwise I find they usually have either an accuracy problem or damage problem (the way they are balanced). So I found in FE11 when you could forge your own ballista shots and basically stat stack Beck and Jake, you could break the game with ballisticians as a player, otherwise I only used them to counter enemy ballisticians.

Personally I think they are a fun class to use, but I have no idea how to balance them, they either end up ineffective or OP.


It’s weird

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The idea of Ballisticians/Siege tomes/Artillery is not bad, but FE has never really executes it well.
Fe11 is my favorite fe game, and i played it more than anything else, but the ballisticians are just too OP there, and frankly too cheesy.

Tear Ring Saga did Ballisticians pretty well. You had the tank class (literal ww1 style tanks, using bows), with 3 move but a lot of def. HOWEVER, they could also use ballistas. The catch? Using a ballista would take away a lot of their stats, and fix them in place for the rest of the chapter. Ballistas also generally had less range (iirc it was 3-8 or something like that, instead of 3-10 or 3-15). This means despite the generally lower movement in trs, if you had units with a lot of move, you could run past them so quickly that they couldn’t get a shot off. However a well placed ballista could still be super useful, like providing fire support against a horde of approaching enemies, or supressing newly spawned reinforcements from even getting to you at full help. Y’know, kinda how artillery is supposed to work.

My personal idea for doing ballistas is that they do AOE damage, similiar to the orbs/ballistas in fates, but you can only choose the approximate location. The ballista would hit a tile in the area, or do splash damage there. You could however also “zoom in” more so to speak, the higher your skill stat, or weapon rank. This would mean less room to hit another tile. To make it not feel like rng, i would also make them more of a fire support thing by making them less scary/unable to one or two shot half your army.
I would also consider combining TRS ruleset, since that is a pretty good template