Atey's pixel art showcase

Hello, I’m Atey/Luzan. I’ve been doing FE portraits for quite a while, and I’ve even participated in a couple of romhacks that have been shown around here with some portraits.

Anyway, I’d like to let you all know that I’m accepting commissions. Here’s more information about it.

My portraits are completely custom. For this commission, I need a detailed description of the character that includes haircut, eye/nose/mouth/jaw shape, build and age. Also, I need a brief description of the character’s personality, so I can reflect it on their face/pose. Visual reference for this is appreciated (and even suggested, to get a better result), even the original portraits are good enough visual reference. I also need to know which palette I should use for the portrait (FE7 or 8).

Change of outfit is only available for portraits with quality similar to my own.

I have a lot of portrait I could show to have a better idea of my style, but most of them are commissions, so… I can’t show them unless I get autorization from the commissioner.

Feel free to ask about anything that isn’t mentioned here!

EDIT: I just noticed that the retouch price is wrong. It is in fact $ 15!


what took you so long

oh boy can’t wait until someone has a problem with the commissions…

While I’m not against commissions like this for gba portraits I do think that 25USD is a bit much for one portrait, that’s just my opinion though I’m not a portrait maker, I don’t know how long it takes, I don’t know how busy you are so feel free to slam me for being wrong.

portraits look really nice though

edit: I may have stepped over some toes with this comment and I can understand it so let me just say this. I am very fickle when it comes to money. I haven’t ever made a portrait so I was unaware of how long it takes. Because I am very fickle with money I don’t get a good sense of what the worth of something like an asset is, I am sorry if this is an outrageous claim and I see that most people think that I am wrong. I will not take down this post however because I don’t like trying to erase anything wrong I’ve done, again I’m sorry.

You are very wrong, it can take upwards of 3-5 hours to make a single portrait from scratch. If you translate this into hourly pay, it’d be around $5-7 per hour.


Maybe you should keep it to yourself then.


This is one of the most outrageously ignorant things I’ve read on this site. Apologies for the anger, but holy shit, dude. Please stop talking.


Hi, custom portrait maker here.


This particular work took me 5 hours (including frames and mini, which I’m not posting here because my work is constantly taken and used without my permission). $25 is easily in line with what most FEGBA portrait artists charge, and for me personally it’s less than what I’d charge for 5 hours of work. Don’t complain about artists pricing too high, it’s extremely disrespectful to the time and effort we put in. Artists are way too often bombarded with “will you do this for free/‘for exposure’” as it is.


completely understandable as I said in my edit, my opinion was formed from very few actual experiences with this sort of stuff so I sincerely apologize for saying something that I see now is very bad, as I said in my edit I won’t take down my post because I don’t like taking down something I said that was wrong and thank you for very much slamming me.

Okay guys, I know all the artists are (rightfully) upset, but I think we get the picture. Let’s not completely drown Atey’s thread with explanations about why the rate is reasonable after all.


in other news
Atey made a lot of portraits for my project actually
so I obviously highly recommend


Never question an artist’s rate in their own thread. It’s very rude to do that.

Oh, @Atey, a question.
How is the ownership of the portrait after you deliver your product? Is it given to your commissioner with crediting you or is it something else? Or maybe you will discuss it with each commissioner? Because often commissioners will ask about this after the portrait is done.
You don’t need to disclose everything, maybe just a little bit of it so people won’t ask you a second time later.

It took you a long time to resurface! :stuck_out_tongue:
Good to see you back, Atey!


Lack of motivation/time, honestly c:


It’s alright. I can even understand why you think like that. You probably won’t even be the only one who says that, so… I don’t really mind.

I wasn’t planning on changing my prices anyway xD…

Thanks for pointing that out! It’s rather important.

The ownership is for the commissioner with crediting me :slight_smile:


Just wanted to chime in with some other examples of Atey’s awesome portraits:
I’ve personally commissioned Atey in the past, and I cannot sing enough praises about their excellent spritework. So I obviously highly recommend as well.


I’d also like to vouch for Atey’s work in @Snakey1 and @1st_lieutenant_noguchi’s Legends of Avenir - Zaheva here on the right is an Atey portrait, along with many other characters in the latest release!


I just noticed that I got the retouch price wrong, btw. It is in fact $ 15!

Retouch is however only available for certain portraits. If I consider the portrait that the commissioner wants me to retuch has too many issues, I will only accept the commission as a custom portrait based on the original portrait (which I will notify, since it means paying +$10)


Also wanted to vouch for how fantastic Atey’s work is with a super recent commission, pulled details I didn’t even know I wanted together to make what is now my favourite portrait in my project. Couldn’t recommend more highly.



Just wanted to thank all the good comments about my work. It’s quite satisfying to see pleased customers!


Cannot recommend Atey enough! Still love these portraits all these years later, btw.