[FE8] Fire Emblem: Legends of Avenir

and where do I download the game ups, am and if the game is in the latest version I mean if I can choose the unit of magicians as it appears in the video clips of the game

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The magic routes are still in early development, unreleased. I encourage you to play the other two main routes available with the .ups download in the opening post for now!

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thanks bro i’ll be playing it


How many Chapter this Sir and Where can i get the Latest Links ??? Ty In Advanced

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The link to the .ups patch is in the original post.
Each route has 7 chapters. In the currently released version, the mercenary and military routes each have 24 chapters for a total of 48 chapters.

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Greetings, humans! :wave:

I’m happy to announce that I’ve released an update today. :tada: Download link as always is in the OP.
No new chapters this time, but tldr I’ve fixed many many bugs and filled in missing graphics. Check out the chagelog (also in the OP) for details.

Four years ago now, @1st_lieutenant_noguchi and I began work on Legends of Avenir. After preliminary work and some months, we announced our concept and some proof of progress. We immediately got some very friendly replies, but without a patch yet, work on our end kept continuing.

Since then, we’ve made our first release, started a Discord server, added more and more routes… And picked up many friends along the way. The real LoA was the friends we made along the way! No really my point is we’ve come a long way, and it sort of hit me like a truck a few days ago when I realized we’ve been working on this for four years.

With that in mind, I’d like to take a second to thank the community and everyone involved for long-term support.
Thank you to those who maintain and contribute to public repositories/resources! From gorgeous animations to placeholder mugs to Skill System maintainers, we couldn’t have done it without you!
Thank you to our lovely spriters! We love our mugs, palettes, and other custom graphics that give Avenir a unique charm. @Author_Pendragon has been doing an inhuman number of palettes for us lately. What a trooper.
Thank you to our musicians! @anon98251803 has put in tons of work for us lately with many phase and battle themes.
Thank you to our writers! wait that just noguchi never mind
Thank you to our diligent playtesters! Without the never-ending stream of bug reports, this project would be a mess. More of a mess than it normally is.
And thank you to everyone’s kind words and support. They are very much heard and appreciated.

Okay okay enough of that. Have some screenshots.

Zaheva’s mug has been reworked. (Thanks to Atey, sponsored by Bartz)
Rex has a new mug. (Thanks to Vlak)
The Mayor of Yerchek has a new mug. (Thanks to RandomWizard)
Leon has a new mug. (Thanks to SqrtOfPi, sponsored by Bartz)
Ajax (playable in the future mage routes) has a new mug. (Thanks to Atey, sponsored by Bartz)
Like I said before, Pendragon has been going off on palettes for us. A lot of the time spend on this update consisted of laying the goundwork for generic Tact promotion palettes. Big thank you to Pendragon for doing all of those well and quickly!

Our next priorities are…

  • Updating the Skill System and redoing skill handouts. Noguchi has been working on designing skill lists, and we think that what we will have will be a happy medium between “skill boat” and skills not having much impact.
  • Mercenary route edits. The Mercenary->Militia->Wait->Arcanae route is horrendous gameplay-wise and needs heavy redesign from my end. The Mercenary->Militia->Wait->Cesaria route is getting story edits and minor gameplay changes to match. The Mercenary->Bandit->StayBandit route is also getting heavy reworks. We do not anticipate these to take a tremendously long time, but we choose to prioritize cleaning up past oopsies over developing new content.
  • Mage routes! We are overall happy with how the military routes have turned out, so once the mercenary edits are done, we will progress to develop the mage routes.
  • Unit balancing. Balancing is hard. Really hard. I’m planning on designing an average statter tool/software to help with this and to iron out weirdness, especially with more growth-oriented units.
  • Making more use of the world map. Thanks to Llewssor, we have gorgeous world maps, a small (~screen size) map currently in use in the prologue as well as a full size world map that has not been implemented yet. Over time, we plan to use both of these more in conversations and between chapters to improve the narrative.
  • Of course tweaks and bugfixes. We love all of the bug reports that keep rolling in! They’re extremely helpful.

I hope you enjoy the release and look forward to future updates. Stay safe, and stay sane!


I’d like to know if this version has completed the wizard’s route?I could only choose military or mersenary. I really appreciate it and I have finished some of routes yet I don’t know what is the true ending,cuz should I blame to be killed by the Guard Spirit, or I didn’t achieve the right ending???

Please red the hack’s description. It tells all you need to know on its progress to completion at the bottom of OP’s post

And your answer is no, wizard class is not available


One of the most epic hacks out there


I Will Always Support This Hack :slight_smile: It’s Such a Good Hack


Hello! :wave: FEE3 recording time for us is right around the corner, and we’re excited to show off our work this year! Just like previous years, though, we need your help.

Unless you want @1st_lieutenant_noguchi and I to record in awkward silence (which is fine if you guys want that ig), we need some questions from the community to answer during our recording. If you have anything you’d like to know about us, the project itself, the latest progress of the project, our near and far plans, favorite parts of working on it, or anything else you can think of, ask away! Feel free to ask in our Discord server or make a quick post right here, and we’d be happy to answer your question during recording.

We look forward to seeing you at FEE3, and have a great day!


We’re live today!

Thank you to everyone who asked questions, and thank you to our lovely spriters, musicians, playtesters, and everyone else who has helped along the way :heart:

At some point I alluded to an update hopefully being ready on the airing day, but unfortunately, it’s not quite ready yet. Real life has been very demanding these past few weeks, and although the patch is close to being ready, it needs some more testing on my end. In this update, expect to see the brand new, shiny, Mercenary Cesaria route with a plot that should make sense this time, the skill overhaul with some custom skills (including the much-anticipated First Aid skill for all Tacts), new portraits from our lovely spriters, and of course various bugfixes as always.
Keep a lookout for when it’s ready (hopefully sooner rather than later), and enjoy FEE3!


Will be glad when the new patch will be out. Really enjoyed it when I played it sometime Last year.

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I love the promote command that everyone gets once Lv15.

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first off, love the hack.
it’s so fun with all the branching paths and character customization. i just kinda wish i would be able to see the endings proper due to story related reasons i can’t mention here.

but i found a bug with the 6th chapter in the mercenary/bandit route (the one with the temple)
(that i can’t show a screenshot of cause i loaded a long ago save state and i can’t go back, so that’s fun).

upon viewing the damage dealt to the first wall you encounter (and one you need to progress) i noticed that my damage was significantly higher than usual. upon attacking the wall, the game softlocks before bringing up the hp bars. the character just kinda stands there. resetting does nothing, as this happens with every character, and effectively softlocks you, as none of the enemies attack the walls themselves.

also, sometimes the game will just up and crash in the character maker after changing genders. very loudly, i might add.

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Glad you like it, and sorry about the issues! The chapter 6 wall bug is known, but I’ve been having trouble recreating it on my end. It should be fixed by the update.

As for the crash in the character creator, that one’s new. Was there anything weird you needed to do to cause the crash? Any specific sequence of entering/exiting menus?

nothing in particular i don’t think? it seemed to be really inconsistent as it only happened once or twice.
i recall opening the form menu, changing forms, then going to classes.
it would show the form i just changed from’s classes instead of the one i switched to for about a second, then crash, but doing the same thing again had no issues, so i have no idea how to do it reliably.

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oh yeah, one more thing.
on the chapters where you obtain money at the start, you can essentially get infinite money from the prep armoury by saving after battle preps and restarting the chapter after starting it. since you get the money at the start and all your preps are saved, you get another money drop to use as you see fit and keep any weapons/staves you may have bought. repeat as necessary till you’re fully equipped.

edit: i also liked the nice touch of a certain fighter in the mercenary route changing classes if you picked Fighter as your class so you aren’t stuck with a bunch of axes when sword users come around.

edit 2: creator crash happened again. (ow)
chose a name, chose male, chose mercenary, chose brigand cause wynaut, then it got stuck on the class choice despite me doing so already, so i went to classes again and crash.

edit 3: also really nice touch that when you pick the peg knight class in mercenary route, all the enemies change classes (at least in prologue) so you aren’t facing a bunch of axes with a lance.

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Damn - I think the character creator crash is probably the same one that happened during FEE3 :stuck_out_tongue: It was caused by a peculiarity of the sliding platform. It should be fixed in the next version.
As for the money drop issue, that was a problem occurring unit loading, and I thought I caught all of those, but it seems I didn’t account for the money drops :thinking: I’ll make a note of that and have that fixed in the next update as well. Thanks for the reports!

another issue i found was in chapter 4, military, captain defeated route. (Warzone)
sometime after turn 15, it started taking a really long time to change phases. if i didn’t have speed up i’d think it was softlocked.
i have no idea what caused it.

might be when the npc spellsword’s light brand broke?