Atelierlabs Sprite Thread

Hey. I’m Atelierlabs.

I’ve been spriting since 2022, but I’ve never actually made an art thread because my work at the time wasn’t very good. Overall, I’m still pretty new to art, but I think it’s about time I compiled my portfolio.

New Stuff (2024 and above)

Anko (call of the night)
this is the one u use if you want to edit

Flandre Scarlet (Touhou)
flandre finished wings

flandre finished

Bugsy (Pokemon)
bugsy fullbody finished (4)

Mokou (Touhou)
mokouuu (5) (555)

Plegian Dancer Dorothea
finished dorothea

Clair (Pokemon)
a asaclair jnjkasnjndjsadnjsajnjdnkjnkjdfng

Dancer Marianne
New Piskel (15) (1)

Old stuff (2022 - 2023)
Some of it is pretty bad :saluting_face:

Custom Portraits, Splices, Edits, Random Sprites

Yorigami Jo’on (Touhou)
Final yorigami joon

Ninian Edit

Geese Edit
geese (1)

Incomplete OC halfbody (I didn’t finish the left side)
My Stuff (12) - Copy

Astolfo Portrait (Fate)
My Stuff (3) - Copy

Slime OC
My Stuff (8) - Copy

Nameless OC 1
My Stuff (7) - Copy

Nameless OC 2
My Stuff (1) - Copy

Nameless OC 3
My Stuff (4) - Copy

Nameless OC 4
My Stuff (7) - Copy - Copy

Idunn Edit
My Stuff (6) - Copy

Dancer OC
hALFbody dancer completed

Nameless OC 5 (Also my first ever portrait !!!)
My Stuff (5) - Copy

Karla Edit
My Stuff (9) - Copy

FtiNCRsWIAEQ1YW (1) (2) (4)

Also here’s a progress gif of rinkah
Rinkah Gif (2) (1)

Nameless OC 6 (credit to BuskHusker)
splice (1) (1)

Edelgard Post-timeskip

Crystal Lance
New Piskel (13)

Sand Dollar
SandDollar (1)

Item Icons (Some are edits from other games, some are full custom) (A lot of recognisable weapons in there)
sheets (1)

Dragon Anim (Edited from a ff5 monster sprite)

Sanae Full body (credit to rotte (1109))

Ingrid Full body

Disclaimer: All of my f2u/f2e sprites are already in the repo or submitted to the CCC; the rest are not f2u/f2e.

Thank you for checking out my thread !

Will update with more sprites !!!

I’m always very busy with irl stuff, so I might disappear for several months in between sprites.


Great stuff! :star:


the bugsy sprite is really good to the point I’m having difficulty comprehending your improvement LMAO

Like… even if the sprite was traced from other art, there’s a lot of understanding or at least utilization of pixel art concepts shown there. Like the lines on his knees or the outlines of his outer thighs just being straight lines down.

The shoes are a little janky but let’s be real no one knows how to draw shoes

Proceeds to sprite like a pro

Pretty good stuff though, keep up the good work~ :+1:

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I already had lineart done so I just finished the rest of the portrait. In total, I’ve sprited 4 touhou characters: Sanae, Mokou, Jo’on and now, Flan.

Not f2u/f2e
flandre scarlet (touhou)
flandre finished wings

flandre finished


I’m planning to redo most of my old works from 2022-2023, but before that, here’s another mug.

this is the one u use if you want to edit
Anko Uguisu from Call of the Night

Not f2u/f2e


Even now I can hear her voice…


The voice haunts me like a ghost, a deep echo upon the recesses of my mind

Ughh, I can’t date anymore because I keep getting reminded of detective girls

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i put linoone’s head on rayquaza

I’m also editing some of my older portraits
dgfhjncx (1)

the fullbody is still in progress, i just wanted to post that linoone


(just focusing on the head) I think that the forehead looks a bit small, but overall, nice! That portrait looks much better than how it was before.

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Holy shit chat is that a reference to Dragoone from Pokemon Snakewood, the best Pokemon romhack ever made?!?!?!


Real recognise real


a asaclair jnjkasnjndjsadnjsajnjdnkjnkjdfng
clair from pokemon

another front facing portrait 660269434207993885, i draw them a lot lol


Trainer sprite of skyla in casual clothing
askmkdsamlkfnrkjgnd (1) (1) (1) - Copy (3)

Just a fun sprite this time. i think it needs a bit more work but it’s good enough to share

edit: skyla is from pokemon btw


sprite_0 (4)

here’s mega galarian slowbro

just found out that G.Slowbro can actually mega evolve on nat dex, so that’s pretty cool