Asm hack help for more npcs?


(i don’t know if the images show because i can’t see images only the links to the images)
anyway, if the images show after posting, the first image should be
of a fire emblem hack in febuilder. i layed down 25 green units, but
no matter how many more then 20, it is cut down to 20 on the number of green
units. this should be seen in the second images when i put it into action (gba emulator for pc)

my request is that someone please make it that i am able
to spawn the same amount of green units (in game) as
i am able for red units. i seem to be able to spawn as
many red units as i would like (haven’t tested the absolute limit)
but i would like it to be equal for the green units.

and if so, would it please be a regual fire emblem 8?
because that’s the common gba fire emblem for hacks

i understood that by a youtuber on a fe hack fe game,
i requested the same thing and he said

“It’s not possible since the memory can only hold 20 green units, you would need to rewrite the whole sprite storage routine for it to work”
& after i asked how might it be possible. he said
“it requires heavy ASM hacking, I’d recommend you to look for ARM and Thumb documents and tutorials”

then the next reply after that i was lead here, so i made an account
to the end i might get what i am looking for.

coding and things like that is way over me.
so i’m hoping a kind person on here that
knows way more about it might help me
with my request

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There is a patch in febuilder called EXModular expansion. It MAY help you with your limitation problem.

It’s not an issue with sprites, every unit needs to be stored in RAM somewhere, there’s only space for 20 green units reserved, although there is space for a few 4th faction (for the Link Arena) units, and it could potentially be made so units of any color can be loaded to any of the unit structures, either way currently the save expansion already mentioned is what could help you, taking the limit up to 20.

You might think that’s already the limit, but it’s not. Even though you can load 20 units, only 10 will save, so it’s worse than you described.

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so there is no way to extend the green units above 20 like the red units?

Sure there’s ways, they are just hard to make and nobody has done them.

If you mean if you can just drop a patch into your ROM to extend them, no, you can’t, but it is something that could be made.

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you if no one have done it, then is there any
tutorial or way of learning how? just adding
way more green units is my desired goal for this.
nothing else

you think you might know of someone that can/knows how to do it?

Teq has a guide on ASM, that’s what you would need to learn in order to start messing with these things. You would first need a way to handle it in RAM, then a way to handle the saving of it, which the modular save can probably take care of.

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I would ask why you need more than 20 NPCs in the first place.


i wouldn’t need it because i know my priorities.
notice how every time i refereed to my my desire of it,
it was a like, not a need/want. i would like it, i would appropriate it,
but if i didn’t get it, i got plenty to be thankful for. and that because
i got what i really need in this life, and that is knowing where i’ll go when
leaving the face of the earth. i’m talking salvation and assurance of it

but to answer your question, why i would like it,
maybe i would like to do a scenario where i
face a green unit army against a red unit army,
and i as a single blue unit, lead the green into battle.
(just like in real life, i control only my own movement.
not the movment of others as i would myself)

would you help me with one little thing
concerning asm please? and that is making
it so that there is no cap limit of 20 for green units.
(i would like it to be the equal amount to the red units)

I gotta say, to me, watching the computer fight itself does not sound like fun.

It’s not a small hack because you need to find free space in RAM for the extra unit data, and save that data. The latter is probably doable with EMS (Expanded Modular Save), but it’s not something I’m interested in doing.

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some people think golf is fun, others think
coding is fun. and with games, some think
3d platforms and puzzle solving free world gaming
are fun, while others think that army vs army
battle is fun (like battlefront 2 classic or ravenfield)

we can agree that idea of fun differs from gamer to gamer,
right? i am more of the latter gamer type. but i like the art style
of fire emblem gba and the units to choose from (not to mention
with febuilder, i could change units into new and unorthodox units)

but you don’t have an interest in this, i understand,
not a problem

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do i put it in the search bar after selecting “patch” in the “advance editors”?
because i don’t see any results when i put “EXM”.
or is it a specific version that it appears in?

Is your febuilder up to date? Typing in “EXM” should bring up the patch “ExModularSave”. I just checked and it is here.

i updated just the other day. i’ll check for updates

Also installing the skill system will automatically install the ExModular patch.

turns out even just after a couple of days since updating,
there was another update. so i may have it after it’s done.
then hopefully, it will allow me to spawn in more green units
at once.

if not, i’m open to suggestions and tutorials (but they must be simple enough of course refering to the tutorial, i know that coding and asm config is hard stuff)

nothing :frowning:

just out of curiosity, what does EXModular expansion do anyway?

I do not know the correct terminology but I think it increases save memory. Everytime you restart a chapter, it saves every single unit on the map and store it somewhere in memory. When you resume the chapter it reloads every unit back how they were. Increasing this can increase how many units you have on the map at once which is what you are looking for.

It can be used to extend other factors such as stat numbers, class amounts, and maximum number of playable characters (I believe), etc.

I can not make a tutorial as I do not have access to screenshots of my computer, sorry bout that.