Are we allowed to use profanity in the names and support conversations of our Fire Emblem romhacks?

I think annoying posts should be deleted personally.


other people of said it but there’s a key detail being left out, generally the rule of thumb is that any swear goes but you HAVE to keep “fuck” to a one or two time usage just for that sheer OOMPH. much like how storch visionquest drops the single one in the whole game

or like bojack horseman lmao

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Annoying to whom? To you perhaps? What may be annoying to a brat or a simpleton, may instead be pleasant and likable to a mature, open-minded, experienced person. Who stands as judge? Ultimately, rules are freely interpreted and the individual mod follows personal tastes and sympathies, I’m afraid. :unamused:

it is what it is bro. When ya sit down at another’s table you play cards their way heh. I don’t think the criteria for good posts are very difficult to manage, and you can express yourself freely enough under the rules.



Honest opinion, it ain’t about whether or not profanity is legal and to what extent. It’s about the fact that probably there’s three rom hackers in the world that can use it well without it growing stale or giving second-hand embarrassment and they chose not to do so.

Profanity while keeping a serious tone is a very difficult task, and one that tries at that is probably going to take a long time at perfecting the skill of not making it look bad.

And even then, if you simply spam it around, it’ll lose its value. Profanity itself is a means of grounding a character down - humanizing it, rather. Would you expect the ruler king, the 27th dragon god, or so on to suddenly say “fuck”?

No, right? That’s what gives value to profanity.

If you name your hack “Fuck Damnblem, Shitting Blade”, and half of the dialogue is the word ‘Fuck’, then, well, suit yourself.


Unless like every cast member uses them to some extend, it becomes kinda jarring. Like if only 1 character does it over and over you’re like huh? yknow, occasional can work tho, maybe for the more unrestrained cast member, but again reading it is different than having a VA say those lines

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You can see that some people agreed with me as they liked my reply and nobody did yours. You should stop trolling before it gets you banned.


This is peak FEU. Give this guy an award.

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Thing is, I’m not entirely convinced he’s trolling.

Hell, I’ve had problems in the past where some people couldn’t tell I was dead serious on a topic they thought was a joke.

Especially since I sorta understand what he ment, even if he said it the most backhanded way possible.

I mean, “annoying” is subjective.

Like OP has, strangely, made several threads to this point that always seem to bubble into vitriol somehow.


You could always pull a Barret from FF7 and just replace profanity with @#%#^. Fun part is you can just add those and make the player try ahd find out what word you were using


My thoughts (If it really matter)?

There’s a time and place. “Modern” swear words would feel weird in this sort of medival fantasy world (other than “darn,” it seems based on previous FE games). They either feel immersion breaking for a moment or, what some have done, is just have a character swear for giggles.

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What the Anima Lock Revenant Pegasus is wrong with you?




It ultimately doesn’t really matter whether someone’s a troll or a fool. Either way we give them the benefit of the doubt and gently remind them of the community guidelines over and over again. Then after wearing down enough people’s patience users are warned before eventually being banned. Sure it sucks for the rare well-intentioned user that gets banned, but they’re always given plenty of chances before it comes to that.


For me personally, I’ve seen some projects use swear words in thier stories to exantuate scenes and a sorta weight to them.

So as long as you properly label that you’re project has swear words, you should be good.

As for using them in supports, I’d say just try using swear sparingly in general so you can use them in other stuff. Not to say swear words shouldn’t be used in supports, but rather they could be used more effectively in the project somehwere else like the story.

2 good examples I’ve seen would be Drums of War and Bells of Beyelen respectively.

Drums of War using swear words to illustrate a previously allied unit now apart of the enemy team due to bad circumstance and the bad hand he was dealt. He says some rather insulting things, calling one of main characters a whore.

While this is a very negative word to describe someone, it does convey a sense of unbridled anger about being left behind to die. Yes, while other words could be used to convey that message, it may not come off as strongly.

For Bells of Beyelen using swear words, their comes a time when the characters confront a immortal who has used there immortality to rule across the land savagely and without remorse for others.

When questioned on why, she says that it’s just natural to use such a thing as immortality to build, cultivate and oppress others under your foot since you have the time and all that.

However, she is viciously called out by one of the main characters, stating that she’s no different from any other power hungry fool that they have known and is just using her explanation as a excuse.

They end off the sentence by saying “Kill this bitch”

Using bitch here is effective since it’s pointing out the obvious hole in the Immortal’s explanation.

Where so many individuals are so hungry for power and use that power to opress others, the immortal being the exact same, yet she should’ve had way more time to think about it, but intsead is stuck with that mindset, foolishly thinking that it’s the only mindset to have as a immortal.

So all in all, don’t use swear words too much if you want them to mean anything impactful, or just make a ton of swear words in your projects since I’m not the boss of you

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Just ask yourself, what would Kaga do?


… Huh


Buddy. Pal. At the risk of being too cavalier about the topic at hand in my language,

Vesly’s fucking with you.

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