Are we allowed to use profanity in the names and support conversations of our Fire Emblem romhacks?

Are we allowed to use profanity in the names and support conversations of our Fire Emblem romhacks?

I would rather you not be overly profane in your thread titles, but if it’s absolutely necessary for your artistic vision…


Yes you can. Just mark it as having vulgar language.

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Pirate emblem


What? Totally unexpected answer: so double standards? Two days ago I had a message (a witty remark) commenting on a thread title, deleted without reason and explanation, just because it contained the word "“hentai” (I suppose): how come?
For the sake of honesty, I quote the text below:

“Hmm… Vanessa over Hector? Vague and ambiguous title… Is it perhaps an “ecchi” FE hack (or even worse, “hentai”)? Certainly original, unique in its genre.”

What did I write that was so terrible or disrespectful? I know it has only indirectly to do with the topic, but perhaps I will have a belated explanation from mods here. I hope no one will resent it, please.

Not a mod, but the forum rules explicitly ban “posting or linking to: suggestive content, pornography, hentai, or other inappropriate materials”, so it was probably deleted on those grounds.

Though, given that there’s also a rule against swearing in usernames, it feels slightly odd to be given an OK to have swearing in titles… but swearing in-game is usually fine so long as you flag the hack as containing profanity.


But I only mentioned the word “hentai,” no content or links to content.

From what I’ve seen, the general rule is yes, just don’t be gross or bigoted about it.

Also not a mod, but im pretty sure that falls under posting suggestive content. So while you didn’t actually post it, the conversation or word choices could be considered suggestive. Not sure.


There’s nothing wrong with making jokes, but there’s reasonable limits. I don’t think jumping to “is this a porn hack” is reasonable, and goes against the rules of suggestive content.

Anyway, this is off-topic. On-topic, I will defer to Cam.


I got it, chief. Thank you. I am not fully convinced of the explanation, but as we say in my country; “chi comanda fa legge” (he who commands makes law) which is equivalent to your: “beggars can not be chosers.” :weary:

TLDR swearing is ok but put content warning

Pornographic stuff is not

i have a sneaking suspicion that, of the people celebrating that swearing in thread titles is technically allowed, zero of them would actually survive the mod check


At this time and age i refuse to believe there is one kid who does not swear or really do not understand what some words which are commonly used now a days mean. Every child is a legal adult in this time and period my 9 y nephew can use slangs words like f*ck without consequence but when its comes to porn related he will go in deep sand. There are parents who are ok with some profanity but not ok with pronography as such i can understand why @Nikokaro 's post was removed.

To answer the question, I say do whatever you want as long as you’re not being excessive about it.

And don’t forget to tag your project thread with an age rating so people will have a better idea of what they’re getting into.

I think annoying posts should be deleted personally.


other people of said it but there’s a key detail being left out, generally the rule of thumb is that any swear goes but you HAVE to keep “fuck” to a one or two time usage just for that sheer OOMPH. much like how storch visionquest drops the single one in the whole game

or like bojack horseman lmao

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Annoying to whom? To you perhaps? What may be annoying to a brat or a simpleton, may instead be pleasant and likable to a mature, open-minded, experienced person. Who stands as judge? Ultimately, rules are freely interpreted and the individual mod follows personal tastes and sympathies, I’m afraid. :unamused:

it is what it is bro. When ya sit down at another’s table you play cards their way heh. I don’t think the criteria for good posts are very difficult to manage, and you can express yourself freely enough under the rules.