Applying status effects to weaponry

you’d better still appreciate this, arch

Because I owed Arch a favor for the “vergil” thing, I spent an entire day and a half rewriting the damage routine to make applying status effects to a weapon (ala sleep sword, FE4/FE5-style).

patch is impl.dmp

The patch is meant for use with my Assembly Patcher, but is also compatible with Hextator’s (it’s in his doc somewhere). I probably won’t get around to making a ups but who knows?

use on an fe7 base - it will not work on fe6 or fe8


Man, you know I still appreciate this! Good shit.

Something more to add. In order to use this, you’ll need to update your Weapon Effects.txt for Nightmare’s Item Editor.

0x00 Nothing
0x01 Poison
0x02 Sleep
0x03 Silence
0x04 Berserk
0x05 Filla's Might
0x06 Ninis' Grace
0x07 Thor's Ire
0x08 Set's Litany
0x09 Nothing
0x0A Steals HP
0x0B Halves HP
0x0C Devil Reversal

TODO: fixing all the display bugs involved with the Eclipse effect

Sorry to bother you but I can’t download the patch or the patcher. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

fixed the download link for both, sorry about that

i’ve updated my doc since so all the old links are broken

Err, you might also want to use my modified version, so you don’t have to worry about weird Eclipse errors. I think I PM’d it to you, and it (should?) work? Wait, lemme re-pm it to you. I use that version in Modular battle, anyway.

you could probably just release that as part of modular battle anyway; modular battle in general pretty much completely obsoletes this so if you release a different one i can deprecate it

Well, I’m hesitant to do so just because I’m especially wary of what bugs Modular Battle might cause (especially with the display hack – I don’t know if there’s something I overlooked), but, well, I guess I can fix those when I come across them…

Umm this is probably a stupid question, but how do I use your assembly patcher? XD


Simply copy-overwrite the section at 0x2939C into the same place in the game.

[And here is the new Weapon Effects list][2]

open [ROM].gba
load impl.dmp

alternatively you can use hextator’s which is a one-button patch

Got it working, thanks.

From testing

  • 0x0C to not double flat doesn’t work
  • All status effects give the pink glow like poison after the first hit
  • Map animations give the poison cloud on hit
  • Stealing HP doesn’t update your HP till you’re hit again (although this is normal for the stealing HP effect from vanilla)
  • The halving HP effect keeps it from doubling
  • The various ring effects apply to your opponent

working as intended

I guess I’m conflating this with another thing, and after some testing, it is. The effect list there is assuming that the no doubling patch is also in, and re-arranges the list so that the no effect on this one is 0x0C so that the two patches work together.

Yeah, I have another patch for 0xC = doesn’t double. I just stuck that in the nightmare list since why not, and it’s a pretty painless hack to just always have installed.

I think the links are broken, as I’m unable to download either.

they should be fixed now, most of the links to my old stuff was broken in transition

The links do work now, thanks.
Despite having been hacking games since I was about 12, this specific thing is kind of new territory for me, and I’m a little lost. I have, but when I launch it, I get this message.
Now, there’s the possibility that I’m an idiot and am missing a simple step (I’m banking on that, quite frankly), but I’m really not sure how to continue.

Install python

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