Apocalypse SFE help and lord animation

So, I am attempting to recreate the Apocalypse animation for my rom hack, and while I’m at it, I need to know the SFE file for it so that the recreation of the spell is complete. On the other hand, I’m creating my own unique custom lord animation, and only have the sword and disarmed standing frames with the hand axe animation itself almost complete, needing to complete the rest of the sword, disarmed, along with lance and regular axe. I need some advice on how to create the rest of the frames, so help is appreciated.

That’s a big horse


That’s kinda the point

He… Uh, have some very short legs. And a tall body

good to know

Do you not want any sort of criticism? All of the comments have been valid points.

Memes aside.
FE6. It’s cut in 3 parts.
Sound #260 #261 #262

#260 at 0x58B268
#261 at 0x58B368
#262 at 0x58B41C

Since there isn’t anything of this scale
you will have to draw from scratch every frame.
What you can do is to “redraw” everything in your new scale based on the vanilla animations.

As for your lord’s feet, these need to be the same length as your lord’s torso (including the shoulders)

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I’m fine with criticism

Thanks so much for pointers (literally), that and everything else for the animations. Also, memes are good.

Oh, and the thing about Sappy, you know how to fix that? The supposed link for the patch that ignores that issue is broken, where is the link for it?

I dunno. Try this.
Download everything including Folder “Sappy12”

Did that, now I forgot how to do the thing for it to work

This should work

In the desert… on a horse with no legs.

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