Any tool to create Chapter title images?

As the title says, is there any tool that allows you to create images for the title of the chapters? (Other than drawing them by hand)

With chapter title I mean this:
Chapter Title Fire Emblem - Project Honor.gba_0@00  Royal Blood_A01208

There’s no tool to do this. I recommend using Circles’ hack for use text for the chapter images instead.


If it were in English, it could be generated automatically.

NAME=Convert Chapter Titles to Text_ver2.1 Support Lat1(Install)
INFO=Patches the ROM to use text for all chapter titles rather than images.\r\nEdit Chapter name in Chapter Editor to rename.\r\nThis version also displays the number of chapters and LAT1 support.\r\nChapterNamesAsText2_ExtendedCharacterSet```

If it were any other language, I would write it yourself.
I use three layers to create a three-dimensional effect.

  1. Write normally
  2. Shift 1 dot and write in similar color
  3. Shift 1x1 dot and write in a similar color
    This is the only way to make it look three-dimensional.
    章タイトル fe8kaitou.gba_0@00  怪盗参上_A732C0

Thanks, I didn’t knew this existed. Is just what I was looking for.

But is there a way to create fe7 chapter titles using images?

I think that fe7 already uses the text system, and if not, there should be a patch to do that.

Yes, it does. But I need cyrylic alphabet.