AnonymousSpeed's "Rapid Rebalance" for FE6

Mirrored from the original Serenes Forest post.

I’ve said FE6 is a good game many times in the past, and I stand by that opinion. It’s been subject to a bevy of rebalance patches, but I never thought the game was as broken as the fandom at large seemed to. However, my resentment of a “fixing what isn’t broken” mindset is outweighed by desire to produce cheap, low-effort internet content for superficial engagement with strangers. Besides, as much as I like it, I think FE6 could benefit from a few small changes, so I booted up FEBuilder and threw this together in three days.

It’s barely been tested and may remain so forever, but if you’re willing to give some feedback (either design feedback or bug reports), that’d be lovely. This patch is based off an older translation patch, which has upsides and downsides. On one hand, I prefer “Zelots” to “Jerrot” (and “Zealot” to both of them). On the other hand, I’m glad the thief isn’t named “Astolfo”.

This link will take you to the location of the patch and a description of all the changes: Rapid Rebalance - Google Drive

For best results, apply the patch to a clean, unmodified copy of FE6, Japanese text and all.

NB: The original thread has no screenshots. I may take some screenshots and add them later, but if anyone takes some screenshots and submits them to me, I’ll probably add them to the opening post. Thanks.

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