Animation Scripting

I’m about to tackle the hardest part of my hack and I was hoping I could get some pointers and how-tos regarding it.

I want to export the monster animations from fe8 into fe7. I have been told that I would need to export the sound samples and then make a script for the animation that points to the sound files in order for them to have the sounds to play. I do know how to export and import animations though.

Audio and Programming are two things I know next to nothing about. My searches about scripting for the animations have failed and I thought a debugger was FEditor the other day lol. Is tehre anything I should know about scripting for animatinos and where should I begin?

I guess the fastest way is to read and imitate others’ scripts.

Is that a script in chapter 57 part 2 in the ultimate tutorial? is there another tutorial besides the one in the ultimate tutorial? Cause I’m trying to script for an already exisiting animation, is there any editing I need to do for the exported monster animations? I notice there is the frames in normal png form and then theres a processed form(not sure what this is) where they look all jumbled up.

I tried using the UT’s sample script, and messed it up somehow. I recommend going to one of the General/Knight animations from the animation directory, and basing them off of that.

Download this: FEditor Adv

It’ll let you dump the animation frames plus it’s script. Just make sure to check mark the “include frames” button. I think this should at least help a little.

For sound effects, you’ll need to rip them from FE8 using Sappy, import the sample into FE7, create a MIDI that plays a single note with the same duration as the sound, edit the voice table so that it uses the imported sample, set the sound ‘priority’ to 6, and finally use SXXXX in your animation script to play the sound.

See if this helps: Playing custom sounds in battle animations

Normally, sound effects will take priority over background music, but for some reason imported sounds have lower priority than background music. You should be fine if you’re using the 12 sounds patch, but it’s something to be careful of.

Probably because the importer doesn’t understand how the priority data works :stuck_out_tongue:

where would the SXXXX go in the script? i’ve been comparing scripts from several animations and there are a bunch of CXX commands all over inbetween the png frame lines.

and sappy keeps asking me for a full file pattern, is this the file path? what is this? theres a $I and a $P that gives me a bunch of files with the pointers in the file name. am I suppose to use these files in a normal vanilla ROM or my edited ROM to get the midi? (which i assume i use “record to midi”?)

Put the S commands at the point in the animation you want the sound to play. It’s pretty intuitive.

For Sappy:

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