Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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Nah, he is just posing after he hit a 73


Double spell glitch post from Snakey reee
I felt this one was too entertaining to go unshared.


The bandit reared back and unleashed his mightiest magic. “By the name of Lord Nergal, I banish thee to the shadow realm!”

Jaffar watched in slow motion as heaven itself rent in half and a bolt of lightning raced toward his face. “Too slow…”

The mage gasped as the Angel of Death moved at inhuman speeds, faster than the speed of light. His agility was so incredible that he left a miniature black hole in his wake, sucking the energy from the lightning bolt into the ether.

The mage’s heart stopped as, within a split second, the Angel of Death appeared inches from his face.


The bandit never felt his head leave his shoulder. His last words as he faded away were little more than a weak gasp for breath.



Who in the name of Trump is this artist?






Franz is really awful at using that staff.


I see no glitches… Only some super badass ASM. :smile:


How to break your rom in one easy step: …I have no idea, I was just cleaning up some text files and this happened.

EDIT: (Warning: explanation babble)

Copier headers, like many other SNES issues, are to blame. 512 bytes of uselessness trip you up annoyingly often, especially when one text file requires you to turn off the header size command because the pointers used are based on the base of the pointer table instead of the base of the bank, therefore causing severe underflow and thereby pointing to something else entirely. Why did I write up a thing about me breaking my rom? Because headers are annoying, and I needed to let it out in the glitches thread in case anyone understood my babble. The end.


Inside of the glitchyness, I think I see a few words Sigurd…olg…and Barts, everything else is lost


When you don’t expect signed numbers


this looks soooo nice

is that an EXP bar as well?


Wow, just wow


Yep! For non-buggy screenshots and info about what can go on the box, check out this.


NO ONE expects the signed-ish inquisition!


DEF 635

man tirado hired a good man as his confident


Turn-based? Laugh in Vietnamese languages


I T ’ S A F E A T U R E
Simultaneous combat when


Her criticals is so strong that she summoned dimensional sword from her shield