Alternative to ipatix's Frequency Calculator?

Hey! I’m a new user here.

I’ve only recently gotten into modding Fire Emblem games using FEBuilder, so I’m not very experienced yet, but one of my biggest focuses with what I’ve attempted so far has been with music hacking.

The tutorials on here are excellent, and I haven’t had too much trouble…except for in regards to inserting custom sound samples. This is due to the fact that, in order to get them to be played at the correct pitch, the frequency needs to be adjusted based on the root key and sampling rates. According to the tutorial, this can be done with a Frequency Calculator by ipatix of PokeCommunity.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. The link doesn’t work, and I tried checking on PokeCommunity’s forum and it seems to have been removed from there as well.

So, is there an alternative to this calculator in regards to inserting custom sound samples? Because…yeah, the pitches are naturally way off when I insert them.

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May not be what you need, but I’ve never heard of that way to do it. But in FEBuilder there is some patches you can install that should fix? your issue. The ones I have are:

SOUND_NIMAP(Native Instrument Map
SOUND_NIMAP2(Native Instrument Map

Now I don’t know if all are necessary, but that’s what I have and I can insert music just fine. And don’t forget to get your music from various posts on this site like;

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Thanks for the answer! The music repository will definitely come in handy.

My issue more had to do with inserting custom instruments/voices that I ripped from other games. For instance, if I ripped an instrument from Chrono Trigger’s soundfont and wanted to import that instrument into FE so it could be used as part of a song in-game.

The tutorial here is what I had been reading (scroll down to where it says “Obtaining the Frequency Adjustment Value”).

The Frequency Calculator is no longer available, so I was just wondering what other ways there were to import custom instruments from other games.

If you want to rip from gba games that use the m4a sound engine, febuilder can open up a 2nd rom and import from it, soundfont (per track) and all. I’ve been doing this to rip pokemon songs for my project pokemblem and it’s worked pretty well so far. Some tracks have issue but I’ve been able to get around 75% of them to work, which I think is amazing. Manually doing this for each track would not be a feasible task.

I don’t know a better answer to your question, but it may be worth trying to import some GBA music that you like. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alright, thank you!

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Are you referring to the frequency adjustment value in sample headers? It’s easy to calculate yourself:

how to calculate frequency adjustment

However, instead of worrying about that, I highly recommend you just edit the sample yourself to change the sampling rate to 13379 and then change the pitch up or down to middle C. Having your samples all be at the same pitch will save you a lot of headache when making music. I use OpenMPT’s sample editor to do this; all I have to do is click a button to change the sampling rate, another button to automatically pitch the sample up/down to the nearest C, and then set the loop point for my own reference when I actually insert the sample.


Yes, I believe that this is what I was looking for. Thanks!