Aligning mouth and eyes sprite?

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  • Hacking method:FEbuilder
  • Base Game:FE8
  • Steps to reproduce:Make the sprites with FEC, draw the sprite with piskel, then use febuilder

Hi everyone!. So i have a problem. I recently try to make my first rom-hack and has been making sprites these pass few days using FEC and Piskel. The problem is, some of my sprites mouth and eyes are not aligning. It took so long for me to just fix one character sprite so that it can fit the face correctly. Does yall know a way to make this process faster and easier? Thanks in advance!

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(Btw, i can’t seem to post the sprites images)

Eya, hope you are having fun spriting.

If you want to make sure the mouth and eye frames align with the portrait, you should use usenti, a free spriting software, which has a really useful grid that allows you to see better where to take the frames.

Here is a tutorial
Check: advanced → Frames

(About the images, if you are new, you need to wait for a while before posting images)


Thank you so much!

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