Alexander Portrait rating

Can ya’ll rate my oc’s expressions? His face is basically the face of farina from FE 7 but you know, modified. I used references creating him, my hair making sucks :sob:. Shadow making also isn’t my forte. If you can, can ya’ll improve his design (not forcing you, if only you can). My shtick here is that he’s wearing a (royal blue) cloak with gold outline and a red brooch to pin it. as for his hair, I suck at perfect curving his bangs but that’s the concept of it.
Alexander portrait update

Edit: I’m finally now allowed to post my edits so thank you very much to the moderators for allowing me ^3^

These are his expressions
Alexander Emotion faces
I accept your thoughts and suggestions about my work.


colors could use some improvement but otherwise it’s a nice portrait in my opinion

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Thankss, noted ^^

A slightly darker blue with a dark grey on the eyebrows and hair outline instead of a black would be more visually appealing IMO but other than that I’d say it looks fantastic!

the only thing design-wise I would change is the hair on the left side of the portrait, specifically just above the ear.

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I know you said you spliced the face but to me the face looks waaaay lighter than the rest of his head and neck and it kinda looks like he’s a ghost lol but other than that I’d say the design is fantastic. Especially the dark blue robe with gold accents, and that red brooch. They go so well together :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

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hmm you have a point there-

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Updated, now he has:
Blinking frames
Alexander Blinking frames
and talking frames
Alexander Talking frames
I also just used farina’s talking frames for this one since, might as well.
For his eyes, well I just used some references here and there

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The blue is very saturated. I recommend looking up some information online on when and how to use saturated and unsaturated colors.

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oh ok thanks for your suggestion! ^◡^

Similarly, the black is too dark for Fire Emblem’s color scheme. The black and blue don’t look good juxtaposed with the skin color. You should start by taking colors from actual sprites while researching color theory to make sure your colors are pleasing to look at. Then once you have a good understanding of color theory, contrast, saturation, and other things, you can start making your own colors.

I also recommend looking up antialiasing. Try looking at spriting tutorials on youtube.

Overall, I’d rate this sprite 4/10.

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Few months later…
Portrait update
Alexander portrait
(still WIP but just got updated)