After the prologue, my rom skips the next chapter and repeats the prologue

Hello. I’m doing a FE8 romhack using FEBuilder from a while ago. I don’t remember having this specific problem without managing to solve it.
Basically, when I finish the prologue map and save to start Chapter 1, the Prologue chapter starts again and repeats itself like it was from the very start again.

I think this problem may be because of my lack of ability managing the world map. I already removed it with the patch and there’s no world map anymore, but this problem appeared since then. Yes, I ended the chapter event with skipping to the next chapter without a world map, but seems like it didn’t work:

(I tried with go to next chapter without world map but with save screen as well).

If this gives any hint of what should I change, when the Prologue starts, it shows a World Map nod instead of the Chapter Title.
(This should be the title: “A monarchy in crisis”.

As you see, it’s well written at the title page.

But then, when I start CHAPTER 1, I get a whole new title which is from a World Map nod. Lol what, why.

As I said before, I did remove world map with the patch’s help.

I hope you can help me solving this. I have more chapters and everything seems to turn out alright, it’s just this problem I had after removing world map. Thanks, and God bless.

Hi and welcome to FEU!

It would be beneficial for you to create a report7z: Go to Advanced Editor -> Create Report Issue to make one. Share the report7z either through something like Google Drive or Dropbox, or join the discord server and upload it to #febuilder_help channel. I’d personally recommend the latter, so that if you need help in the future, you know where to go and what to do.

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Have you tried this?

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Solved: Thank God, it finally skipped to next chapter.
Seems like all I had to do was to… put this event three times? No idea why it worked, but it did, so good enough.

Thank you two for your help! Those tools are useful, I didn’t know them. Thanks!

You need to turn “map skipping” on in patches.

I recommend this patch, if you aren’t using it already. You can always revert it later if you want to start using the world map.

Also, the command you used in your earlier post used (MNC3), which in vanilla fe8 is only used to move to the end game chapter. I don’t generally recommend using that one. (The one that doesn’t save.)

If you want to go to a chapter without saving, I recommend using this patch:

That way, MNC2 will not save when going to the target chapter. If you need it for multiple chapters, you might need to rig some asm up (or use mnc3 which doesn’t clear debuffs and I don’t generally recommend using).

Thanks for the information :). God bless.