Afa's Drop/ Meti's Tome. Is it possible to use it more than one time?

This is the question… Do your guys know how these items works?
If you use one time, you can’t use it again, so maybe it’s related to some ‘‘global flag’’?

@Dark it seems to me that it was regulated by a byte, in the RAM where the unit is saved, however I am pretty sure that it can only be used once because of this, unfortunately I am not an expert, and I could not tell you anything else

however there are several ways to modify the growth rates of a unit, you could also create a scroll as in FE5, or through a skill, I don’t think it was difficult, quite the contrary, the only thing, it seems to me that maybe FEbuilder doesn’t allow to do these things directly, and I think you should go through a buildfile

since I was trying to practice using (and understanding) the debugger I started to see just a little bit for: then usually the location of Eirika’s memory is in this position 202BE4C, looking at Tequila’s notes a bit you will find that the byte that regulates what you are looking for would be 0x0D, therefore: 202BE4C+0D (the value 0x20 indicates the use of the metis tome)


yes apparently I was right (wow I’m surprised at myself)

I suggest you go and see Tequila’s notes about the assembly are very useful


Hmmmmmmm, this is a lot of information :v. I’m reading them all. Thanks for the answer this is going to help me doing a hack. Soon I will upload it here in FEU. Once again thanks for the help :3.