Adding new mechanics in FE8 GBA rom hack

Hey, so I’m new to rom hacking and am working on something of a test hack to get used to everything and see how well I can do things, how far I can push mechanics, etc.

I was wondering someone could help or at least give me tips on adding in new combat mechanics. The mechanic I’m wanting to impliment works kinda like magic in FE2, where there is an unlimited amount though it exchanges health for uses.

Called ‘Arts’, for example, one unit has an arts that puts them to 1~10 hp in exchange for massive increase to crit chance while another would have an arts that can heal an adjaucent ally/allies (4 spaces potentially) and exchanges health for it (i.e. the unit could use 20 health to heal 4 allies by 5 or something like that.)

Idk if I’m way over my head for a fe8 hack, if there is a way to do that I’m glad to learn how, thanks in advance.

Hello! First of all, welcome to the comunity!

IDK if someone has made combat arts possible. But, there is a Gaiden-style spell system. And it’s been inplemented in this hack.

You should ask in the comments of that topic (Diferent articles in this site are called topics btw), and I’m sure someone will link you to a patch to use it in your own hack.

and remember that you can also use the search icon on the top-right to look up something without needing to ask


Hi @Popipopi, you are lucky, if I understand correctly, the things you would be trying to implement in your project have already been inserted and created in SkillSytem Buildfile.
In particular, the combat arts were created by Sme, and Vesly has created a very convenient table to create simple ones without having to touch ASM codes, While a magic system similar to that of Gaiden it seems to me that Snakey was working on it … but I do not remember if it was already completed and 100% working.

however to work on these things you will need a buildfile, and you will not be able to work on it on FEbuilderGBA, unless you create and modify a Custom build … (I don’t remember the name of that command, I haven’t touched FEbuilder for a couple of months)

Skill System (GitHub)


SkillSystems on github has Gaiden Magic and Combat Arts as config options.

If you want to use these in a febuilder project, you must run a custombuild or assemble a configured skillsys buildfile before editing with febuilder. I recommend against doing the latter.[]=custom&s[]=build

The hack I made for editing combat arts is in the skillsys buildfile as well, and it should be included in the next skillsystems patch for febuilder in the spring. That will let users give combat arts additional effects at the cost of hp without needing any asm. If GaidenMagic is included as well, that’ll let users assign learned abilities to units to cast at enemies at the cost of hp.

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