Adding colored potential, and skills

How do you add Skills via FEBuilder, and how do you add colored potential? Found the patches, and the pre-reqs aren’t met, or they don’t exist. Any help appreciated.

In the advanced editor menu, click “skill config” to apply the latest skill system, which included colored growth rates.

What do you mean exactly by “colored potential”?

First, prepare a clean FE8 and click on the location shown in the picture.

Then, install the skill patch according to the instructions in the picture.

After installing the skill, you can search for patches on images and change the color of the growth rate.

English is not my native language. Please forgive me for any expression that is not correct.


It comes with skill systems, but if you want it without installing skill systems, you can insert this patch:

How do I install the growth potential to my ROM? No idea on how to add that to a game.

Go to “advanced editor” in febuilder, then go to “insert ea”. From there, you can select the master ea file and write to rom.

By default, this includes standard growth rate colour indicators. If you want to remove the colour indicators, then go into the master ea file, and scroll right down to the bottom. There, you will see a list “BYTE 30 00”, “BYTE 40 01” etc. If you don’t want the colours, simply remove all of them except “BYTE 0”, and then follow the steps above.

Awesome, thank you. How do I add potential in FE7 games? That patch works for FE8 onwards.

I don’t have any experience with FE7 hacking, so perhaps someone else can help you with that. Although, as a general rule of thumb, I believe most people tend to hack using FE8 now, so there will be more resources available for FE8. So, I’d say unless you’re creating a FE7-specific hack or you’re already a good way into your hack, switching to FE8 may be something worth considering.