Adding Casual Mode in hacks without difficulty select screens

I’m trying to add a Casual mode to games without a difficulty select screen, which means I can’t actually take advantage of the patch that lets you select Casual after you pick a difficulty. However, I was told I can patch a hack to add a difficulty select screen, which would let me pick Casual. Anyone know the name of that, or an easier way to add Casual mode in cases like these? A bit convoluted, I know, but I would appreciate any help.

You already asked that here, I gave an explanation, and you didn’t reply. Then you asked me again through a DM, which I also answered and you didn’t reply. Now you’re making the same question again.

If there’s something you didn’t understand from the explanations, you should either tell us what part you don’t understand (and not ignore when people ask you) or send a report7z if what we told you to do isn’t working.

On your last response, you said click on the “event”, which is incredibly vague. You were using a different version of FE6, which had different in the chapters, and didn’t correspond to what I had on the Redux version. Felt like we weren’t getting anywhere, so I thought I’d throw it to the general public, and see what they had to say. I’ll DM you if I have any more questions.

The “event” is wherever you want to enable casual mode. It’s up to you, I don’t know what you want. It could be in the start event, or a turn event, an end event, a death quote, and so on. You didn’t answer what event that was, so there’s no way to help further.

The problem with DMs is that they can’t be searched by other users. So if someone has the same issue, they’ll have to ask again if all they know is someone else had it solved but didn’t post the actual solution in public. So if you do give me more information, I’ll post the reply here, but if you don’t, then you’re right in that we won’t get anywhere.

You could just enable the difficulty screen if that’s easier. You may need to note down what difficulty it normally forced. See the patch “skip difficulty selection…”

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fair enough, I’ll ask it via public channels. any help is helpful.

Incredible, it worked. You’re a life saver, thanks so much.