Casual Mode

Is there a video or wiki on adding Casual mode via FE Builder to a FE6 rom? I added it via a patch, but it isn’t actually taking whenever I play through the ROM. Any advice?

Might be an obvious question, but are you sure you set the casual mode flag, the one listed in the patch description, to on? You need to do so in an event.

If you did, and it’s not working, then you should send a report7z in FE_Builder_GBA -- If you have any questions, attach report7z or in the FEBuilder channel in FEU’s Discord server.

I definitely did not. How do I do that?

After applying the patch, you need to set the casual mode flag to ON.

Go to the chapter you want Casual Mode to be enabled on, double-click the event on the right.

-Click Event, then in the event double-click an event command, click Command, search for Flag, then set it to flag 0x8C (the casual mode flag as listed in the patch description).

I got to this point, but the game doesn’t read it. What did I do wrong?

Well, where is that event? Without any information there’s nothing I can tell you. Make sure to follow what I explained in my previous post, and if you did and it’s still not working, send a report7z.
Also, flag 0 is not a valid flag since it’s always 0, so there’s no point in setting it to on.