A topic about map related stuff


This one tile looks like it needs a little better transitioning?


turns out i uploaded the wrong one
but this proves you pay attention


Whoa ambitious.
It’s a miracle if I make a map a month outside of competition maps.


almost forgot to do one
this can’t bode well can it



That looks really nice. Is that the tileset from FE8 or did you recolor the set from FE7 so that the ship tiles were not miscolored and glitchy? I ask because we have a port chapter upcoming soonish and I’ll need to figure out my tilesets sooner or later.


There’s a top of a pillar missing to the left of the gate?


custom tileset made probably by feaw or yeti or me honestly i don’t remember, but it was for fe7x(the last one is the same situation), the palette isn’t really a palette though.

nuh uh


kitty,your maps are great as always.
but i so want to use some of the custom tile sets you have!


you know I typically just make them from existing tilesets and edit them right? lol
idk if yeti cares but if not I can just post them

turns out he doesn’t so I’ll post the tilesets I use for the daily maps at the end of each month(so tomorrow)

although I’m pretty sure they’re already online…idk



looks irradiated



Fire Emblem: Fallout Edition


It’s a day late, sucks.

Today’s will be up later
and today’s


two years later here’s a map


kinda boring map.


For you.


most of the details are fine, but the overall composition feels kinda bland. I think its mostly because of the box walls around the town with only one entrance. It might make sense and work well gameplay wise but it leaves a lot to be desired visually. i might be overthinking it though so eh.


I quite like it visually. The walls give a sense that they’re the only thing standing between the town and the rugged wilderness outside.
I’m also really digging the small mountain and the path going around it.


I’m seeing the opposite. It looks aesthetically pleasing, but I don’t see it being fun to play


the village section isn’t actually playable because this is a shameless rehash of ram village
with a lot of creative liberties


let’s keep the train going
i will eventually do those forests over i’m just
way too not-motivated to bother with them now