A Question of Resurrection:

With how Dream of Five, long-cancelled, has now come back in style, it makes me wonder:

If you could pick another cancelled FE romhack Project (or one made in Tactile and/or LT) to come back like Dream of Five did, which would you pick? And why?


tlp 2 cause awesome


I don’t know if it’s dead or just sleeping, but I’d be delighted to see an update for Home by Winter.


Project: My many cancelled fangames

Reason for revival: so I can finally have a complete one to be proud of

Ok jokes aside, in serious, if there was a project I’d like to be revived, then it would be “Generic FE1 Remake”, because it looked really promising and I would have liked playing FE1/FE11 in a new style and with new mechanics, at the very least however it also led to the creation of some high quality Archanea portraits, so some good still came out even if it unfortunately couldn’t see the light of day.

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It also gave us facepetting.

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i need gfe1r in this world as an fe11 stan

All I want for Christmas is youuuuu~~~

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I still weep for GFE1R and Ternon on a weekly basis