A FE8 PME like many others (or maybe not)

I just came with a few ideas for more weapons in the rom

  • Make equivalents of Wo Dao for other weapon types for classes who are weapon locked (WOAxe, Wo lance, and one for dark magic too since Druids are dark magic only now)

  • Dire Thunder

  • Fire, Thunder, Wind sword, with its Thracia stat boosts

  • Master Weapons

  • FE3H Lord weapons Amyr could use a custom build RE-MOVE that always has 100% activation rate, Areadhbar could be effective against everything and Failnaught could have a buffed Vigilance so it always guarantees a dodge(Ex give 100 avoid instead of the normal 20 Vigilance gives). To compensate the sheer bustedness that is these weapons, make it so it’s durability is the equivalent of What if you used these weapons’ combat arts everytime you use them (Ex: Amyr in 3H has 20 uses, Raging Storm costs 3 uses per combat art, therefore Raging Storm has 6,7 aproximated uses rounding up to 7 uses total) This incentivizes using them only when strictly necessary (unless Axefaith, which luckily is only available on level 20 promoted units, so unless people arena abuse you really wouldn’t see them abusing Amyr only)

Btw Luna has its FE7 stats, and light brand deals physical damage as a way to give a more reliable 1-2 range for swordlocks (can be bought in any armory that features handaxes or javelins)

See if any of these ideas sounds interesting to you

Am I missing something or did I just read Sepiroth as a boss?

In an old post, Ultimiter wanted to replace Lyon with Sepiroth.

I can’t say much about those combat arts but I think weapons a bit mightier than Silver will be helpful.

Also, is it gonna take some time before a demo is released ? No rush, it’s just that I’m very excited.

Won’t he get crit a lot?

0X3 is still zero and in late game the hoplon guard will cover them

He doesn’t have Nihil. Meaning he’s still vulnerable to skill procs.

You mean Wo Gùn, Harmonic Lance and Ruin? Sure.

That’s already a Prf.

I’m fine with those too.

I might as well add actual combat arts at that point.

I’m fine with the increased hit but I’m not sure about the critical.

I would rather make a new ranged sword. And I’m not sure if I want to make one… I’ll decide after the demo is out.

Honestly, I don’t know how long will it take. Hopefully soon, but it’ll still take a bit.


so list of threats are Luna, magic, Colossus
Colossus won’t probably make it as an enemy skill so I’d say Exia is going to be fine

I simply thought of implementing them as ultra limited use S rank weapons, I never intended to give more extra work (re-move could be toggled on febuilder patches to have guaranteed activation rates) So most of these could have been made somewhat “easily”

No pressure, take as much time as you need to in a pace that you see reasonable. Least thing we would want to see is you rushing the project and then getting a burnout because of it.

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Since there are many classes in this game, it will become difficult to collect their respective promotion items. Can you change all the promotion items into Master Seal and remove Knight Crest, Orion Bolt, Guiding Ring, etc… ?


With 30 base defence I don’t think it was gonna be a problem at all

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Even with 30 defense it’s hard to say Exia will survive if enemy have at least 25 strength. It’s OHKO but I don’t think generic enemy units will have that. So, you are safe.

Sure, I’ll do that.

An average lvl20 Exia should have around 39 HP (and, obviously, capped Def). That means that a guy with 22 Str and a Slim Sword can kill him if the guy triggers Colossus. (Not counting Fortresse and weapon triangle).

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Should have put more growths into HP lol

Exia gonna get murdered by magic

Fortresse icon {LordGlenn} Sword 31.png


Wyvern Master Striding
I managed to find Ashnard’s map sprite.

@ToxicAdam I’ve found this Tharja portrait.


Are you interested?

I need standing map animations too.

Oh… Right here you go :-
Wyvern Master Menacing