A database of all generations of s. music and character portraits from non-gba FE games in one place?

This is kinda a question and a request.

Sometimes, i have troubles finding portraits or s. music files, they seems to be all around the place but not in one specific place all at once.I rather prevent making a portrait someone already made it good enough.
Like the battle animation thread, is there one for those two as well?

Currently i’m trying to find the FE4 S. files like Disturbance in Agustria and the enemy phrase themes.

There’s no such a thing as a database of .S
however I do have most of Fire Emblem 4 music riped in MIDI format, that you can easily transform into a S file
here’s a tutorial

also, there’s a bunch od .S files that various users created and is the closest to a database

as for portraits:

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I thought to skip the sound but nah, glad it was easy, thanks

Some more F2U mugs if you need 'em.

While it’s not a set of portraits of all FE remastered characters but whatever. There are some very interesting and appealing portraits out this place. Thank you.

As for portraits, i’m searching for a Sirius/Camus sprite if there are anywhere.