A bit more Restrictive PME (Patch Out, Eirika route Only.)

Name: seraphina
Gender: female
Affinity: ice
Class: axe cav
Replaces: lute

Citrus - Mauve

Credits: Axe/Handaxe cav and pal by Skitty and Pushwall. Portrait by Citrus

Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 120
Str: 80
Mag: 0
Skill: 60
Spe: 30
Def: 80
Res: 30
Luck: 30

Personal Skill: sturdy stance
Level up skills (Up to 2): bracing stance

Boon: con
Bane: res
(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters)
iron axe, steel axe, hand axe, vuln

Description: a cavalier from another nation who picked up the wrong weapon.

Death Quote (Optional): how…

Other (Optional) cav anims: FE-Repo/Battle Animations/Mounted - Cavs, Paladins, Rangers/[Cavalier-Base] [F] Vanilla +Bow at main · Klokinator/FE-Repo · GitHub
palidin anims, FE-Repo/Battle Animations/Mounted - Cavs, Paladins, Rangers/[Paladin-Base] [F] Vanilla +Weapons at main · Klokinator/FE-Repo · GitHub

Name: Finn
Gender: male
Affinity: thunder
Class: thief
Replaces: Natasha


Credits: tobiki, portrait

Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 60
Str: 40
Mag: 40
Skill: 40
Spe: 130
Def: 40
Res: 40
Luck: 40

Personal Skill: steal+

Level up skills (Up to 2): celerity lv 10, galeforce (specifically at level 20 thief, if they promote early they dont get it.) if not allowed just give him vigilance at 5 promoted

Boon: con
Bane: str
(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters) slim sword, torch, lockpick, vuln

Description: someone had to make a thief

Death Quote (Optional): no treasure for you

Other (Optional): this will be the last units i add unless the slots aren’t filled up in 3 days. figuried id add an axe unit and a thief due to a lack of those 2 things. by the way axe cav and axe paladin are the same as regular cav and paladin just with different weapons. cav is just axe and palidin gets axe and sword. keep greatknight as an option if possible

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Oh and a couple gameplay changes. Greatknights get +1 mov putting them at 7
Druids get a higher base staff rank at c to make them more on par with summoners.
And then of course stronger generic enemies

The vengeful Thunder Mage, Kali appears. Progress! …Only Eike left to do for this one.

As per usual I am evil by forcing the use of the ‘mug exceed’ patch thing, mwahahaha!! Fear my evils!!
Only 1 tile again.

Tile 1 - X: 10, Y: 4

Edit: Oops, forgot blink frames.


Gameplay change: every generic enemy has 10% increased growths in every stat.

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Gameplay change: any weapon (aside from personal weapons) with 10% or less crit rate gets its crit removed. Nobody likes dying to a 2% crit

So I guess we’re not getting 2 range locked magic are we lol


Griffin Master dad, Eike. …The more I look at it, the less I like it, but that might just be the artist thing of hating everything you make, or it could also be that I may’ve made his face seem too long, welp.

As per usual has the ‘mug exceed’ thing.

Tile 1 - X: 4, Y: 254
Tile 2 - X: 6, Y: 254

Next up, dragon zombie for the other one.



Name: Lier (Pronounced Layer)
Gender: M
Class: Mercenary
Description: A very pacifistic man who prefers to be peaceful than rely on force. Known as the “Soothing reaper”

Replaces: Marisa
Growths: Seth’s growths
Bane/boon: none
Personal skill: renewal
Level up skill (lvl 10): counterattack
Level up skill (lvl 15): Tome breaker

Death quote: It’s time I went to my resting place…

Inventory: Killing edge, poison sword, two vulneraries

Make his AI only attack if he is attacked.

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Maybe it’s the face being big as hell compared to the other characters you’ve made lol. No offense tho, If you feel like improving it, then that’s good. That’s also something I feel when making art.

P.s: I like how you take advantage of the mug exceed patch to make larger portraits.


I wanted to try something a bit different, although it was probably a bad idea since I’m already… not used to spriting older guys. hah. I might change him up later, depending on if it’s still too weird to look at by the time I finish other characters up. Danke!


If nobody is gonna submit then i guess i will.
Name: larisa
Gender: female
Affinity: ice
Class: dancer
Replaces: tethys


Credits: aversa

Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 200
Str: 0
Mag: 0
Skill: 0
Spe: 100
Def: 0
Res: 0
Luck: 130

Personal Skill: vigilance

Level up skills (Up to 2): alert stance lv 10. And celerity at level 20

Boon: luck
Bane: str
(+4 and -4)

Inventory. Red gem, vuln, elixir. (Keep icon if you want)

Description: just a dancer. Nothing special

Death Quote (Optional): ha, no dance for you

Other (Optional):

Name: rosa
Gender: female
Affinity: anima
Class: pegasus knight
Replaces: ewan


Credits: aversa

Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 100
Str: 60
Mag: 20
Skill: 50
Spe: 60
Def: 40
Res: 40
Luck: 60

Personal Skill: aptitude

Level up skills (Up to 2): level 10, savior. Level 1 promo, lancefare

Boon: hp
Bane: luck
(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters) slim lance, javelin, vuln. (Keep ring if desired)

Description: a pegasus knight in training.

Death Quote (Optional): you lost your training project lol.

Other (Optional):

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I wasn’t going to do ano-- yeah yeah obviously I’m a liar.
Anyways there’s quite an unusual lack of axe users here, so uhm… that.
too lazy to do my own portrait for this one, so i’m yoinking one of Garytop’s.

Name: Ureus
Gender: Male
Affinity: Fire
Class: Tarvos
Replaces: Cormag



Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 115
Str: 75
Mag: 5
Skill: 60
Spe: 65
Def: 70
Res: 15
Luck: 25

Personal Skill: Axefaire

Level up skills (Up to 2):
Tantivy (Level 10)
Focus (Upon promotion)

Boon: DEF
Bane: LCK
(+4 and -4)

Killer Axe
Master Seal

Description: A Centaur warrior under the employ of Grado. He values a good story above all else.

Death Quote (Optional): “Ah… and as such… my tale ends…”

Other (Optional):
Don’t let him near Riev unless he kills the guy in a single hit. Welp. Magic+Slayer+Aura’s innate critical would blow this guy up immediately.

…Anyways, the implied character theme is that his love for stories makes him run off alone, hence Tantivy and Focus, as well as forcing him to be strong so his story obsession doesn’t just accidentally get him killed, that’d be the opposite of useful.

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Last one I swear.

Name: Lyndis
Replaces: Rennac
Gender: f
Description: A tribeswoman who took the role of an heir to Caelin. She visits Sacae to help rebuild her tribe so nobody else suffers the same.
Class: lord (Ephraim)
Growths: Joshua’s
Personal skill: Sure shot
Level up skill (lvl 10): Axe breaker
Level up skill (lvl 15): Bane
Death quote: I can’t let them down…

Portrait by me.

Lets end this off with a crit build shall we

Name: lucke
Gender: M
Affinity: fire
Class: pirate
Replaces: knoll

AmBrosiac - Ervin

Credits: AmBrosiac

Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 80
Str: 80
Mag: 0
Skill: 120
Spe: 30
Def: 0
Res: 0
Luck: 120

Personal Skill: wrath

Level up skills (Up to 2): defiant crit at level 10, critical blow at level 1 promo. (And crit boost if berserker)

Boon: luck
Bane: def
(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters) killer axe. Iron axe, hand axe, vuln

Description: a really lucke guy

Death Quote (Optional): damn the dice. (Dang if damn isn’t allowed)

Other (Optional):


I dont want to be that guy but since all slots are filled shouldn’t you change the name to submissions closed. Unless you plan on adding bonus units like the other pme.

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Patch when?

Another portrait update. Griffin Rider dad Eike fixed up a bit.
…No mug exceed today, yay, laziness!


If it’s okay with you, I’m going to make the palettes for my entries to make it work easily for you.

Updating time!

Eirika Route only


I don’t particularly mind that, Eike was made specifically with leaving in mind, it’s why both he and Ludger share the same class line, a taste of what he’ll become, in a way, haha.

Well, I got up to the fog chapter and wrote a few things I noticed.

  • Ferrous gets Rapier due to the event stuff, which he can still use due to the weapon lock stuff.
  • Ferrous’ Lord class still uses Ephraim’s movement map sprites.
  • Ferrous’ mouth frames seem to be misaligned. Same for Diego’s blink frames
  • Aris has a lance rank. Along with that, it’s strange that all of our unpromoted units start with C ranks besides him.
  • Poppy’s name is misspelt and doesn’t fit-- in the text thing you can right click and ‘Narrow Font Conversion’
  • Uchigatana should probably have a weapon rank. Probably C.
  • Even though that mug exceed patch is in, no-one especially seems to be using it. In the portrait editor, there’s a ‘mug_exceed’ option that will be set to ‘0’ for everyone, flip that to ‘1’ to turn it on for that character.
  • Leighton is a Monk, a few characters have a few versions within maps if you didn’t know. I think the lone Artur at the bottom of the unit placer list is the ‘real’ one? (An aside, but having too much damage, like with Slayer here just makes Leighton crit the dead Mogall at the start, better make sure it’s super dead!)
  • Same problem as previous, Finn is a Cleric.
  • Both Griffin classes seem to use the Ephraim Lord movement map sprites as well. …Griffin Knight’s idle map sprites seem misalingned… hm… maybe I’ll try to fix that myself later.
  • …I forgot that the ‘Ephraim crew’ had elixirs for a reason. Ack. Could we replace their Vulneraries with Elixirs?

…Only Ephraim has an elixir in this chapter, the others I was thinking are probably drops or treasure. oops.