A bit more Restrictive PME (Patch Out, Eirika route Only.)

I’ve gotten a better handle on how Febuilder works, so why not do another one?


-Players may only submit 2 playable characters per day.

-Custum Classes are allowed, at the cost of 1 skill slot.

-Player’s have the choice to choose 3 skills for thier submission. 1 Personal Skill and 2 level up skills

-Submissions must be original. No characters from other games, no resubmitting old submissions, must be completely original or it will be rejected.

-No meme units, please. I don’t particularly like them.

-Submissions must have a overall “Theme”. Either the skills reflect the character or the overall submission makes the character as a whole. I don’t want randomness meshed in there.

-If I think your submission doesn’t align with the rules presented, I will reject it. A good indicator that your submission has been rejected is if I don’t like it or it’s not on the main post.

-Boons and Banes are +4/-4 respectively.

-A can make custom weapons, that is all. I don’t know how to make Prf weapons and I don’t know how to insert magic animations. If the weapon is unreasonably strong, I will reject it. Custom weapons cost 1 skill slot.

-Monster’s are cool.

-Players may suggest gameplay changes, I’ll decide if I want it in the game of not.

-I CANNOT make custom skills. More to inform everyone then anything else.

-Credit everything you use.

Submission Template




Growth Rates (Max 430%):

Personal Skill:

Level up skills (Up to 2):

(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters)


Death Quote (Optional):

Other (Optional):

Credits list

Battle Animations
Steel wall By Nuramon
Knight lord by Salvaged
Lord by Redbean, Murata
Eirika Lord repalette by Teraspark
Eirika edits by Toji Magia
Griffin Knight by Maiser6, Blue Druid
Griffin Master by Ayr, Raspberry, eldretch Abomination, and Pushwall
Warlock by Leo Link, Nuramon, Iscaneus, the big dededester
Magic by DerTheVaporeon

Map Sprites
Griffin Knight by Blue Druid
Griffin master by N426
Warlock and Steel Wall by Nuramon, Jay, Ryn
Knight Lord by Salvaged

Portrait Credits
Diego- Peerless
Ferrous- SamirPlayz
Brontes- L95, Alexplode
Verlag- XVI
Poppy Lo Fun- VelvetKitsune
Aris- Seliost
Leighton- VelvetKitsune
Mona- ZoramineFae
Brunnhilde- NickT and Stitch
Eris- Laurent Lacroix
Rincewind- Armory
Cadmus- flashuban
Loretta- XVI
Caterine- Mexicancactus29
Kali- VelvetKitsune
Mike- Ambrosiac
Meena- Ambrosiac
Sou’len-Ren- VelvetKitsune
Ryoma- boomerangfish
Rena- peerless
hannah- flashuban
Ludger- Velvetkitsune
Eike- VelvetKitsune
Pahahenki- Toa
eva- Ignis
Lily- der
seraphina- Citrus
Finn- Tobiki
Lier- Seliost
Larisa- Aversa
Rosa- Aversa
Ureus- GaryTop
Lyndis- Seliost1
Lucke- AmBrosiac

Patch Credits
16_tracks 12_Sounds
AutoGenOAM Reduce capacity by Dynamically creating LefttoRightOAM.
ExModuleSave with Supply 200 ver20220401
Skill SkillSystems 20220703

MonkeyBard, BlackMage for most skill icons
Blaze for Stances skill Icons
Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leon, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, bladmaster, Snakey1 for skills

Ignis change: Snipers get +15 crit boost
VelvetKitsune change: Staff gives more exp
DATonDemand change: Lyon is now Tyrant Ephraim
AnneEgge Change: Soldiers are buffed

Here’s the Patch


Submission Template

Name: Diego
Gender: M
Affinity: Wind
Class: Swordmaster
Replaces: Seth

{Peerless} F2E OC Swordmaster

Credits: Peerless

Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 90
Str: 70
Mag: 10
Skill: 0
Spe: 60
Def: 35
Res: 20
Luck: 50

Personal Skill: Fury

Level up skills (Up to 2): Gamble, Despoil

Boon: Str
Bane: Skl
(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters)
Slim Sword, Poison Sword, Vulnerary

Description: Intends to hone his skill by wearing a blindfold.

Death Quote: I saw you… a mile… away…


Name: Ferrous
Gender: Male
Affinity: Ice
Class: Lord (Knight. Just replace the Erika lord class so the locks carry over, if possible. Detailed in the other section, as well as promotion.)
Replaces: Erika


Knight (Version 1) {SamirPlayz}

Credits: Credit to SamirPlayz

Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 100
Str: 35
Mag: 15
Skill: 15
Spe: 15
Def: 100
Res: 100
Luck: 50

Personal Skill: Barricade+

Level up skills (Up to 2):

None, wops.

Boon: Def
Bane: Luck (Erika has exactly 1 personal base, a 5 luck lmao.)
(+4 and -4)


Greatlance (Detailed in other section.)
Iron Lance

Description: Not getting through this wall.

Death Quote (Optional): They got through…

Other (Optional):
Knight Lord - Uses knight bases, with an extra 3 res at base. Has D lances/E axes.
Uses these anims:
FE-Repo/Battle Animations/Infantry - Knights, Generals, Armors/[Knight-Variant] [M] Generic by SALVAGED at main · Klokinator/FE-Repo · GitHub
Credit to SALVAGED for these.
Promotes into Steel Wall, with these animations, gaining swords on promo, at C rank.:
FE-Repo/Battle Animations/Infantry - Knights, Generals, Armors/[Marshall] [U] FE10-Style by Nuramon at main · Klokinator/FE-Repo · GitHub
Credit to Nuramon.
Greatlance - Rapier replacement, 13 wt, 9 mt, eff vs armor/cav, 40 uses, 1 range, 0 crit.
Uses this Icon by CamTech075
{CamTech075} (Pack 1) icon 014


I ask that you please read the rules


Name: Brontes
Gender: Male
Affinity: Fire
Class: Cyclops
Replaces: Syrene

Cyclops (Ronin) {L95, Alexsplode}

Credits: L95, Alesxplode

Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 70%
Str: 60%
Mag: 0%
Skill: 40%
Spe: 35%
Def: 50%
Res: 20%
Luck: 40%

Personal Skill: Intimidate

Level up skills (Up to 2): Armsthrif (Lv. 5), Axefaith (Lv.10)

Boon: STR
Bane: RES

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters):
-Battle Axe

Description: An ancient blacksmith from a begone era. Stoic and serene.

Death Quote (Optional): Soon or later… I knew… It would claim me…

Other (Optional): He is one of the surviving monsters from the previous war against the Demon King. How he survived and later gain human-like intelligence is a mystery. Dunno if this could be added to the narrative, but is still a cool detail that I came up with.

Name: Verlag
Gender: Male
Affinity: Ice
Class: Ranger
Replaces: Innes


Credits: XVI

Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 65%
Str: 45%
Mag: 0%
Skill: 50%
Spe: 45%
Def: 25%
Res: 45%
Luck: 40%

Personal Skill: Bowfaire

Level up skills (Up to 2): Certain Blow (lv. 3), Sure Shot (lv. 7)

Boon: HP
Bane: LCK
(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters):
-Silver Bow
-Brave Bow

Description: Hayden’s little brother. A passionate hunter and military genius.

Death Quote (Optional): N-no… Ngh… I can’t fall here!

Other (Optional): N/A

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Name: Poppy Lo Fon
Gender: Female
Affinity: Fire
Class: Myrmidon
Replaces: Garcia



Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 65
Str: 50
Mag: 15
Skill: 70
Spe: 85
Def: 25
Res: 50
Luck: 70

Personal Skill: Adept

Level up skills (Up to 2):
Lancebreaker (Lv. 11)
Bond (On promotion) (If Uchigatana counts as a custom weapon, this one goes)

Boon: LUCK
Bane: DEF
(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters):
Uchigatana (It’s just a non-PRF Mani Katti which is already in FE8-- I dunno if it counts as a proper custom weapon or not, so lemme know)

Description: A cheery user of the sword who wants to be friends with everyone. Has a weird habit of licking peoples’ cheek.

Death Quote (Optional): Ah, ow, someone actually beat me, wow!

Other (Optional):
Sorta needs the ‘mug exceed’ patch thing to be totally proper.

Tile 1 - X: 2, Y: 254
Tile 2 - X: 8, Y: 254

Originally supposed to be a Swordmaster, but uh… eh.
yet another sprite to put on the list.


Ok iam going to post character character later (for me its 12 pm) i am with quick change…snipers crit boost?(they worst class in the game)

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Did they give you 1 more skill then you wanted…?

Hope this is fine.


Name: Aris
Gender: Male
Class: Myrmidon
Affinity: dark
Growth rates: give me Gilliam’s

Replaces: Franz

Boon: def
Bane: Spd

Level up skill 1: vantage (level 10)
Level up skill 2: Aether (level 15)

Personal skill: wary fighter

Description: A samurai from the eastern kingdom of Mikado. He doesn’t talk much but enjoys company from friends and comrades.

Death quote: Got sloppy there.

Inventory: Killing edge, iron sword and 2 vulneraries

Portrait made by me


My b, kinda forgot. I got rid of armored blow.

Yes, but also the custom class. Sorry if I come off as pretentious, but I’d like for them to follow the rules.

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…and sturdy stance, good lord, I cannot read.

Name: Leighton
Gender: Female
Affinity: Thunder
Class: Bishop
Replaces: Artur



Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 45
Str: 30
Mag: 70
Skill: 65
Spe: 65
Def: 15
Res: 60
Luck: 80

Personal Skill: Blossom

Level up skills (Up to 2):
Sol (Level 10)
Breath of Life (Level 15)

Boon: MAG
Bane: SKL
(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters):

Description: A supposedly ‘corrupt’ bishop who punishes transgressors with a bonk of the staff. Loves bunnies.

Death Quote (Optional): N-No… wh-what will happen to my bunnies…? Ah…

Other (Optional):
What do you mean other classes other than Swordmaster and Bishop exist? I thought it’d be fun to have a prepromote with Blossom, I dunno. Starts with the Artur base stats (aside from the modifiers, of course).
Four PME character portraits in the list.

As with Poppy the mug exceed thing is pretty good here, because hats are nice. People should wear hats more.

Tile 1 - X: 4, Y: 254
Tile 2 - X: 6, Y: 254

While it’s on my mind again… ahem… better staff use exp pls.

Poppy and Leighton might be the only two I do. We shall see!


Submission Template

Name: Mona
Gender: Female
Affinity: Ice
Class: Troubadour
Replaces: Moulder


Credits: ZoramineFae

Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 70%
Str: 5%
Mag: 50%
Skill: 40%
Spe: 55%
Def: 15%
Res: 45%
Luck: 60%

Personal Skill: Relief

Level up skills (Up to 2): Staff Savant (lv 10), Alert Stance+ (upon promotion)

Boon: Speed
Bane: Defense
(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters): Heal, Heal, Vulnerary

Description: A bookish healer from Frelia. A deeply anxious introvert.

Death Quote (Optional): Yeah… leaving Frelia really was my worst idea…

Other (Optional):


I know it’s not in the rules, but what do ya think of having lyon as a boss be replaced by tyrant ephraim? I got the portrait

Also got any rules for gameplay changes? Yknow just so you ain’t dealing with fe11 stats lol

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Anyone can suggest anything, it just has to get the check from me. If it’s unreasonable then obviously no, but nothing is stopping you from suggesting a gameplay change, just make sure it’s more fun then broken.

@DATonDemand Tyrant Ephraim sounds cool, might make some dialouge scenes kinda weird, but I’m not perversed to the idea. Do you have a character submission for him for me to go off?

Boss Submissions
Name: Ephraim
Gender: Male
Affinity: Fire
Class: Tyrant (Sword, Lances, axes)
Replaces: Lyon

Tyrannt Eph final3 (reduce color)

Credits: DatonDemand

Growth Rates (Max 430%): is a boss so…
Personal Skill: Tower shield

Level up skills (Up to 2): Grisly Wound, Vantage

Boon: Res
Bane: Spd
(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters):

  • Corrupted Sieglind
    Corrupted sieglind {DatonDemand}
    Copy Base Sieg stats but lower the power to 14, also now is 1-2 range, basically a rune sword. gives the skill hex
  • Battle axe
  • Short spear
  • Elixir

Description: The tyrant king. Paranoia consumes him

Death Quote (Optional): E-eirika… I was w-wrong

Other (Optional):

Ephraim will start to move if the player takes too long in both river of regrets and final map. Turn count is decided by you taylor


Also let’s make this evil and submit the same change I did in the other PME:

ALL MAGIC IS 2 range locked MUAHAHAHAHAHA, except light because light needs help

Name: Brünnhilde
Gender: Female
Affinity: Thunder
Class: Valkyrie
Replaces: Gerik


Credits: CanDy, NickT and Stitch

Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 95
Str: 0
Mag: 60
Skill: 75
Spe: 70
Def: 60
Res: 45
Luck: 25

Personal Skill: Heavy Strikes

Level up skills (Up to 2): Outrider, Killing Machine

Boon: Con
Bane: Luck
(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters)

Hoplon Guard

Description: A heavyset valkyrie from Carcino. Likes opera.

Death Quote (Optional): * Starts singing opera *

Other (Optional): 14 Con Valkyrie. Since this is a promoted unit replacing an unpromoted one, make her level 1.


Submission Template


Levin64, Laurent_Lacroix Collab - F2E

Credits:portrait made Laurent lacroix

Growth Rates (Max 430%):

Personal Skill: hero

Level up skills (Up to 2):
10 adept
5 promo aether
(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters)
Killer bow
Iron bow
Orion bolt
Description:archer for jechenna try to figure out how end fight fast

Death Quote (Optional): welp i shoud shoot… Faster

Other (Optional): bulid is Simple she archer that if gets low she attack a lot