3am ideas

Hello! Very new here (Not really. But not logged in) but hey everyone!

I been thinking about this hack “The Last Promise”
Which have some pretty fun characters and story line. As i know there’s like TONS of reskin for the 3 main gba fire emblem game and how it is so awesome the new looks get.

The question is… is there a possibility that someone can reskin and improve the already better game they’ve released. I just wanna see/play how diff it would feel if it has those new reskin we have today.

Ik that you might say " Ahh no, it’s illegal to touch someone’s work without permission"

So thinking if it gets like an solid approve by their respective owner. It can be done by those skillful editor/animator

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, really open to hear you guys thought.

Yes, it’s possible.

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