Zane emblem idea: help required

Hello fellow hackers.
I am Emperor_Arden, making my first hack of fe4 here.
I am requring assistance, however.
I only need these two things:
the hex adresses for fe4 promotions (they are character tied, but aren’t listed in the character data)
2. how to change character portraits to other ones in the game using hex Done
edit: there is a bug that causes Papillion to clone himself in the castle, so there are currently three of them moving around in my save file.
they share hp, weapon uses, experience, etc. but they could each take their own turn. this kinda ruins the balance, so… id like to fix it, but this may be beyond my ability.
with these two things, I would be able to make all the zane reskins playable.
here is a screenshot of noish partially transformed into papillion:

any help would be appreciated!
why don’t you use existing editors?
A: I am using a Mac that can’t install any new programs until further notice
Q: how to you edit then?