YouTube is Drunk

In this morning, I uploaded a short video of my hack, just 12 seconds of an enemy Assassin activating his skill on one of my units. The video was unlisted and I only shared it with two of my friends for amusement purposes.
Tonight I came back home and I found this:


I don’t upload public content to my channel, in fact, I only upload tiny videos of my hack for glitches and testing, and replays of Smash not so often.
So, what do you recommend to me to do?

why not
you never know with youtube

Submit a petition to the mods.

Obviously someone trolloed you with copyright or viloent or hatefull claims
and the mod was so lazy he didn’t even check the video
(maybe just the title, if it was like "Assassin new violation skill XXX)

Lots of nightmare stories about Youtube strikes out there, you can appeal a strike but it’s highly unlikely that anything will happen. Just keep doing what you’re doing and the strike will go away after 3 months. Worst case you just make a new account, it’s not like you’re losing ad money

My precious 4 cents nooooooo

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The title was “Bad Luck Riku”, no description, no tags.

Well, I appealed, but I highly doubt they’ll do something. After all my account isn’t monetized and I’m not from a first world country.
I guess the only thing I can do is complain ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯

Why do you think I haven’t uploaded on Youtube for over two years? It’s trash. Copyright claims abuse is ridiculous.

Sailor Moon Crystal showed me just how petty companies can be.

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Come on Klok stick it to the man! Don’t let em’ bring you down and rock those lets plays boi, I believe in you (seriously tho 2 years is faaaaaar too long)