Your Top 5 FE Fangames

Hey all,

What’re your top 5 FE fangames*? Feel free to share why if you like, no points deducted if you don’t; but you get brownie points if you spark a meaningful discussion.

Don’t have 5? Top 3’s fine.

Don’t have 3? #1 works too.

Don’t have at least one? What’re you doing here?

*They don’t need to be finished, “full length”, etc. Heck, they can even be cancelled. The only criteria is that they’re FE fangames.

I’ll add mine soon:tm:


Is this fangames specifically or does it include any game made by a fan including romhacks?

  1. The Last Promise. It was the very first romhack I ever played. And I actually played it on stream with some friends. So it holds some sentimental value. As some of those people I haven’t talked to or seen in over a year.
  2. Justice and Pride. This is solely because of the discord. I’ve met some people on there that I would even call friends. Even if we’ve never met face to face.
  3. Souls of the Forest. I just like it because I share a name with the thief🙂.
  4. Vision Quest. I like how it’s gameplay is interrsting without ever feeling too samey. It also has some of the most memorable characters in romhacks I can think of.
  5. Fire emblem the last promise 2.
    These are my top 5 romhacks/fangames.

Souls of the Forest, Vision Quest, Iron Emblem

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Also is there some kinda rule against listing your own project?

The forum lumps them together.


  1. FE7 Chaos Mode, made by my favorite hack author, Klokinator.
  2. Tower Defense Emblem 3, made by my favorite hack author, Klokinator.
  3. Generic War, made by my favorite hack author, Klokinator.
  4. Andaron Saga, made (in part) by my favorite hack author, Klokinator.
  5. Roguelike Emblem, made by my favorite hack author, Klokinator.

Damn my favorite hack author sure is busy. It’s too bad only two of these are publicly playable and the rest aren’t finished… yet.


Aww man, I wish he wasn’t busy. :pensive:

5 - Project Ember. Feels unique from FE6 but not a total replacement, both versions have their merits. From a technical view, it’s very impressive seeing how difficult it is to hack FE6.
4. Call of the Armor. A fun simple time, although it is held back by some vanilla constraints.
3. Souls of the Forest. Great presentation and challenging gameplay, although admittedly it’s not for everyone and it can be exhausting due to its challenge.
2. Vision Quest. Great cast and good gameplay, mostly held back by some annoying gameplay in part 4.

  1. TLP. Iconic, fun to play, just a strong all around package.
  1. fire emblem the last promise 2
  2. fire emblem the last promise 2
  3. fire emblem the last promise 2
  4. absolution by zessdynamite
  5. fire emblem the last promise 2
  1. Midnight Sun: Good enough to go Pro! Just a great package of characters, story, art and gameplay that left you wanting more… and now we will finally be getting that! Alfred put a lot of love and thought into every decision for this and it shows.
  2. Bloodlines: The art, the worldbuilding, the story are all great. Everything is pretty unique and iconic. This was the hack that made me want to make my own animations because they just look so damn cool! Hell of a lot of style, I eagerly await the next release in Ghast’s Discord.
  3. FE7x: Polished, shiny, skilled. yeti has a marvelous package here. Once again a fangame I eagerly look forward to the next rendition of. Also inspired my own battlesprite passion.
  4. Road to Ruin: Just well done, and initially one of the very few hacks that could claim completed status. Primefusion maps are solid maps too and something I aspire to.
  5. Elibean Nights: If you haven’t played it, you should. Classic hack with great individual storylines.

…but I should probably play some more newer hacks.

  1. Vision Quest
    Not just my favourite fangame but my favourite fire emblem, great writing, characters and design as well as solid polish and art direction. Part 1 and 3 in particular are brilliantly crafted. The flaws it does have are quite franky small compared to what this hack gets right

  2. Order of the Crimson Arm
    Probably my most played hack and the first one I played after the ‘introduction’ of TLP, FE7x and SoA. Just love the worldbuilding, character writing and fun roster of units. Plus I have a soft spot for mercenaries tale type stories.

  3. Souls of the Forest
    This hack just has such a distinct identity in terms of visual aesthetic and its design is expertly crafted by Scraiza. Writing is certainly enjoyable even if its not the hacks strongest point, the hack gets so much right. Hard as hell though.

  4. Sun Gods Wrath
    This game is weird as anything, the plot is incoherent and confusing as all hell and the design is questionable, but god is it fun. The 3 tiered promotions and skill combinations just make for a very compelling game that i really enjoyed.

  5. Alethiea (lord knows if i spelt that correctly)
    I just love how it handles stats and skills, and though a WIP its got brilliant potential, the premise is clever as is the design, and there are some very enjoyable units for sure. Big fan.

I could go on forever about each one tbh but tried to keep it short lmao

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In not really any particular order.

  1. The Last Promise - This hack makes me feel old since it’s nearly a decade old now, still holds up well despite many hacking FE8 nowadays.
  2. Justice & Pride - Probably my favourite modern FE8 hack, great use of the skill system.
  3. Dark Lord & The Maiden of Light - Has probably one of my favourite stories in any hack, has a playable tactician like OCA.
  4. Vision Quest - Great polish, solid story and gameplay.
  5. Project Ember - I don’t really like FE6 (sorry!), but this hack pretty much fixes that.
  1. Corrupt Theocracy - None of you will ever reach the genius of Corrupt Theocracy in your lifetimes.
  2. Sun God’s Wrath - Blademaster put together a bunch of random mechanics and concepts and made them into a very fun to play and interesting hack. All the references to other series and fun ways to break stuff are also very enjoyable.
  3. The Last Promise - Incredibly flawed in terms of design but it’s iconic, can give you some pretty fun moments, and has a banger soundtrack
  4. Souls of The Forest - Beeg number go brrrr
  5. Justice and Pride - Can’t say it’s anything much new but it sure as hell is enjoyable to play
  1. Vision Quest - Visually appealing, a cast I actually care about, and does a great job of writing a more down-to-earth story without getting too dark with it. It’s a great way to show someone just how far Fire Emblem ROM hacking has come since the days of TLP.
  2. The Last Promise - The classic. Only at #2 because of the late-game difficulty spike and the fact that it is fairly difficult to take seriously at points. Besides that, there’s not much to say about it that hasn’t already been said, solid gameplay, very visually polished, it’s nice.
  3. Queen’s Sword - An FE8JP hack, the gameplay is bizarre and the cast don’t look the greatest, but I love how gimmicky everyone is. A trainee with 70% Defense and Resistance growth and almost no HP, a mediocre thief you can literally trade in for a better thief later, you can throw rocks at people, it’s chaos, but it’s fun chaos.
  4. Void’s Blitzarre Adventure - Just here for the gameplay. It’s a testament to what a community can do if they just come together and don’t mess it up. Plus it’s occasionally funny.
  5. Justice & Pride - I’m casual as hell, so I tend to gravitate toward hacks that are on the easier side. Sure, J&P is on the easier side, but you don’t need to be insanely difficult to be fun to play. Also praise Luigi.

I can’t really decide on a top 5, but my personal favorite is The Divine Twins’ War, because I’m proud and biased.

  1. Vision Quest
  2. Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light
  3. Sun God’s Wrath
  4. Project Ember
  5. Call of the Armor

Honourable mentions:

Justice and Pride
Iron Emblem
Elibean Nights
Sword of Heaven and Earth

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  1. Vision Quest is probably the most polished ROMhack that I’ve ever seen, probably better than regular GBA FE games tbh.
  2. Justice and Pride
  3. The Last Promise
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  1. The Last Promise
    I found it while looking for a One Piece X Fire Emblem romhack, was not disappointed

  2. Midnight Sun
    After playing The Last Promise I wondered if there were anymore cool hacks, this one looked pretty interesting to me so I decided to try it.

  3. The Heroes We Deserve
    It’s the best joke hack I’ve ever played, and also has many custom songs in it.

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Here’s my personal list of favorite completed FE hacks:

1.) Justice n Pride- JP fueled my addiction of FE hacks. Very fun game, and the casual difficulty made a good introduction for me. If you don’t use Luigi in your playthrough, don’t even play this hack. Hail, Luigi cult!

2.) Vision Quest- This hack is on a lot of lists and who can complain, really. The graphics, maps, palettes, story, UI, it’s all just… mwah… chef’s kiss :kiss:

3.) Road to Ruin- Despite the flack I’ve seen towards RtR, I was captivated with the story and gameplay. I’m a bit of lazy typer so forgive me for my lack of explanations or ‘in-depthness’ but this hack is a must play, hand-in-hand with TLP. With the promotion discovery with Aaron, discovered by @Pushwall, my excitement for this hack has been revitalized.

4.) Storge- I enjoyed this game for its short playthrough but awesome replayability. The variety of unique characters was awesome and made the game all the more enticing to play again.

5.) SGW- This one caught me by surprise! Initially, some of the “new” mechanics introduced in the hack threw me for a loop, but it eventually grew on me. The reintroduction of capturing was very unique and I definitely enjoyed the T3 class promotions, as well.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Project Ember (c)
  • Souls of the Forest (ic)
  • TLP (c)
  • Elibean Nights (ic)
  • Bloodlines (ic)
  • Legends of Avenir (ic)
  • The Sacred Echoes (ic)