Yo! It's DAT dude

Hey what’s up, so I saw that some peeps are doing late introductions as a thing and i thought since I haven’t been that active here in a while why the hell not. Hi I’m DATonDemand aka monster guy aka flying armors dude aka that dude that wouldn’t shut up. Been a bother for a good 1+ year on the discord server now but here’s my formal introduction i guess, i usually just have (DAT) as an indicator on disc.

Though to spice things up why don’t we play a game. List you favorite creatures from mythology or fables on the replies and who knows, maybe one day I’ll be skilled enough to make them look half decent in FE

I’ll go first:
One of my favorite creatures of myth is the “Futakuchi Onna” translated to two mouthed woman in japanese. It’s a woman with a mouth on the back of her head

she’s the base inspiration of a lot of cool characters in games like Mawile from pokemon and Filia from SkullGirls. Pretty Rad

Something Closer to home:
The Manananggal, a Philippines woman demon who can detach it’s upper body from it’s legs and fly around with bat like wings, also pretty cool


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