Yet Another FE8 PME


I guess I’ll do one of these despite having to do other things like make my actual hack and play stuff like Smash Bros and Animal Crossing. But PMEs are fun, and I like to see what people do with them. Be creative, but don’t go way too overboard (in other words, just keep the game beatable)

Here’s a spreadsheet for what people have done as time goes on. It’s view only so people don’t mess around with it and screw it up, but I’ll add the edits into the sheet myself, you just have to reply what you want edited.


Want a change or two? Here you go!

  • Eirika is now a Paladin, who starts with a Silver Lance and a Rapier.
  • Seth is now a Mauthe Doog for some reason, who starts with a Fiery Fang. He gets -2 to all of his bases (except for Movement and Constitution), and -10% to all of his growth rates.
  • Slim weapons (and Hatchets) have the reaver effect, reversing the weapon triangle.
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Boots are now buyable at chapter 19 secret shop.

Male Mage Knights now use swords instead of staves.

Artur promotes to mage knight, and has great shield as a skill.

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Restoration%20Lord 2
Ephriam and eirika now use these portraits
if eirika is a palidan then ephriam is a great knight


All edits have been added in! Thank you for your contributions.

I also added in a few fixes, which are Anti-Huffman, Melee and Magic Fix, Fix Weak Promoted Enemies, and fixed the enemy control and pierce glitches.

Also going to make this rule: You can’t override someone’s edits (i.e. making Eirika not a paladin), but you can build off of them (such as keeping eirika a paladin but changing her growths or bases)


…I laughed at this more than I should