Wrong music playing during battle

A problem I’ve recently had, is listening to the songs that play during battle, some of them seem to be wrong. When an enemy uses a tome, it plays the healing bgm. And when using a staff, it plays the normal battle bgm! My theory is that it’s based on the item id, but I’m not entirely sure!

Send a report7z to the febuilder thread

So, I did end up solving this myself, but I wanna leave this here in case anyone else has this problem:

In Fe 8, at least, putting a weapon, such as an axe or sword, over the slots that originally had a staff, will cause the healing music to play in certain cases. My advice, is to just skip over those slots, unless you use the for staves. 8C also has this problem despite being away from the rest of the staves, but that’s the spot for the sacred weapon, so what I said before also applies to it!