Writing is sexciting

Imouto thread to Alusq’s.

I wanna improve my writing!

A new story every day!

I’ll write whatever stuff you want me to write, Fire Emblem related or no. I probably can’t write anything too long, though. Just be warned that I am probably an awful writer and therefore you might not be satsified with my work… I mean, I haven’t really written much in years, and this is my attempt to get back into writing.

Requests: None so far. Will I ever get any? Who knows?


Write me like one of your French girls.

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Gimme a few paragraphs about a young swordfighter who somehow ended up in a martial-arts school in a foreign land, and is trying to practice swordplay with the other students while not knowing their language. The rules for practicing in the main character’s homeland are fundamentally different from the rules in the foreign land, so the combatants have to come to an understanding before/while they practice. The main character’s only skill is fighting, so s/he doesn’t really have anywhere else to go. Characters, setting, how the main character got there, etc are up to you.

How about that for a writing prompt? :wink:

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Write a Fire Emblem Elibe and/or Tellius battle with graphic blood, gore, crippling injuries, etc. realistic to medieval-era warfare.

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Write a story about a person trying to buy a piece of jewelry and everything about their day goes wrong.

You should rewrite Fates: Conquest, only give it a cohesive story with a likable main character.

I need the script to birds of a feather Eliwood mode remade into a Banepost.