Would it be possible to get/create some tracks from SoV that work in GBA?

Was listening to Alms Act 4 battle theme on loop, and it got me wondering if you could get them to work in gba at all? Even if it meant having to recreate/modify it yourself? I just really love this theme, and even if I’d have to make/modify it myself, I think I’d 100% do it(provided its possible). But i wanted some experienced people’s opinions.

Like I’m wondering if maybe there are too many sounds? I’m honestly not sure.

I know I saw a hack that had gaiden’s orginal themes(Forget which it was, but know I saw it), but I dunno maybe the remakes versions are a diffrent story.

And to clarify I mean any tracks from SoV.

You can covert midis into GBA.

Here’s a midi of What Lies at the End.



I’ll look at this when i have pc access again(aka tommorow), but thanks!.

It sounds diffrent, not bad, just diffrent. But I guess thats to be expected :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Tobiki.