Worst tiles to make maps with

The title may be a bit confusing but what what I mean is, what is the worst or most annoying type of tile (such as mountains or paths) to make maps with in terms of actually making maps look nice, doesn’t have anything to do with map design or anything.

as for me I’d say paths, the way they’re laid out in map makers is just absolute trash I do all I can to avoid making curving paths, it just never looks right, although mountains are a close second

I think mountains for me. Seriously, mountains are a real pain to work with and make look good. I try to look at existing maps to make my mountains look better but they still look bad 90% of the time. The worst part is when I map a mountain that I think looks good, then, after working on something else for a bit, I come back to that mountain and suddenly it looks awful


Mountains and paths, I don’t understand them.

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I think indoor maps are the most difficult.

Mountains and coastlines are difficult, but there are solutions.
One is to use FEMapCreator to automatically generate a random map.
If you can create a map that is close to your ideal map, it will make your work easier.

The other is to use Tiled to cut out existing mountains and coastlines and reuse them.
You can reuse them block by block, and since there are many maps with mountains and coastlines, there is plenty of material to copy.

The last method is the mountain gacha.
In FEMapCreator, surround only the tiles you want to make mountains with red tiles, and let it auto-generate them by pressing Ctrl + R.
If you don’t like the result, press Ctrl + Z to go back.
Repeat this process until you get a good result.
// This gacha is free to play.

The problem is the indoor maps.
For indoor maps, FEMapCreator’s auto-generator does not work well, probably because there are not enough of them.
And indoor maps need gimmicks as well as designs.
Your sense of ideas is more required.

Therefore, indoor maps are the most difficult.


The worst sort of tiles is when you need to do stuff that’s pure background. Take a look at something like FE8’s Black Temple tileset. There’s a ton of tiles you use for trees/darkness in the background and if you don’t use those, the tileset is heavily lacking.

Indoor tilesets can be a bit tricky once you start getting fancy or doing things with elevation but they’re not as bad in my experience.


A bit off-topic, but I think it’d be really cool to compile a bunch of maps from the repository and teach fe map creator to reference those. That might make it better with indoor maps.

I think fe map creator is very good for beginners so that they can get started with creating a hack without worrying too much about making the map look perfect.


Besides, I’d be happy if you could change the number of undo and redo from just one to infinite.
However, maybe he will be busy with tactile, so I don’t know if he will fix it.

GBAFE comes with free-to-play gachas like mountain gacha and battle animation palette gacha.
This gacha is completely free to play and is recommended.
let play free gacha.


In my personal opinion: Mountains, they are definitely hard to use it, however once you learn their pattern they get slight easier to create.

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Indoor maps for sure, sure, mountains can be hard, but the tileset itself has enough variation in forests, paths, building and so on that it doesn’t even matter that much.

When I try making castles, they come out just kinda boring and samey.


Not exactly associated with tiles but I find indoor/outdoor and floor tile type transitions to be a bit wacky and hard to make look nice. I try to transition with stairs when I can but it’s not always feasible :thinking:

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most indoor to outdoor maps in vanilla either use doors or forward facing stairs, so it is very annoying when you want to do a unique map concept going from different buildings but the transitions look bad then again that’s what custom tilesets are for, right?