World Map & Prologue

Hey everyone, I’m new to FE Universe and have a question.

I’ve been using FEbuilder for a few months with FE8 and I’m 10 chapters in. My issue is with the prologue/world map events. I know how to apply the patch to skip the “800 years ago…continent of Magvel”. That’s fine.

My issue is that every time I clear a chapter and set the End Event to “Go to next chapter WITH world map”, the game automatically saves the chapter data back to Prologue, and thus the same world map events occur as within original prologue. So I’ve been sort of ignoring the problem by always setting my End Events with “Go to next chapter without world map” instead.

Anyone able to give me some advice so that I can actually incorporate the world map into my mod?

Thanks, hopefully I posted this in the right place.

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Hello. If you go to the advanced editor section of FEBuilderGBA and type “world” into the search bar, it should show only the editors pertaining to the world map, such as where the nodes and road placement are, as well as how the unit moves on the map, along with the image of the world map itself.

There’s a “world map events” editor/tab/section which will lead you to how the world map events work. From what I understand, each section there pertains to a chapter. I haven’t fiddled with it myself, but perhaps thats a good place to start.

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If you can’t figure it out or having trouble, please send a report7z so we can take a look at your events. I haven’t tried world map events before, so I have no idea how they work personally, though.

Details on report7z can be found here:

Typically they are sent on that same thread or in the FEU discord’s #febuilder_help channel.

Perhaps I think you not been initialized the worldmap.

The first worldmap event also initializes the worldmap at the same time.
If you turn off this initialization, the subtitles will be displayed every time.
Other times, depending on the position of the worldmap node, the subtitles may also be displayed.

I need to see the data of report7z to find out the details.
Without report7z, I can only guess.
I don’t know any details.

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