Wizards And Magic War of Dragons

Hello everyone. I’m Lukirioh but you can call me Kiri, and this is a new server create for one of my game projects, called Wizards and Magic (the name of my series fangames) and his particular name of this fangame is War of Dragon.
Wizards and Magic it’s the original game of Duel Monsters used only in the manga. So I’m a big fan of Yu-Gi-oh! And RPG games.
I HATE the censored version of yu-Gi-oh that it’s known around the world so I want to share the original content of the Japanese dark YGO in English and Spanish using my fangames.
This server it’s about a Fire Emblem 8 Sacred stones hackrom that I will called it as this server WnM: War of Dragons.
I want to create a tactical RPG ygo game so I think this server could help me for improve the quality of my game by your suggestions and helps you to know more about the fangame before his release.
I hope you like this modest server and my fan game in a future.
Thanks for reading