With my Fe7 insanity patch complete, I move on to demaking Fe13 in Fe8. Suggestions?

I’m using the skills and increase stat caps patches, but not using class growths. In addition, I am adding 1/3 of whatever is lower, strength or magic. This should buff units like Anna and Libra. Any additional advice will be appreciated

I’d say I’m interested to help, but there’s no actual progress or anything of the sort. Perhaps save your announcements for when you actually have, well, something to announce?

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Lol, it was kind of just me saying “I have a big project and no experience at all. What do I need to know and do these ideas seem reasonable”

Not sure if you’re aware, but I know @TheImperialKnight is already working on something like that, last I’ve heard of him.

And I thought I had an original idea XD.

Just because someone else has the same idea doesn’t mean you can’t make your interpretation unique.

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I agree. I’m now curious to see what different directions you will take.

As of right now, mine is a dysfunctional, ugly mess. It might take me a while, but I’ll fix this eventually XD

I haven’t checked on this site in months. While I am working on something right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t do the same thing. Go for it, mate. I’m basically making a complete plot overhaul, so something tells me we’re gonna be making two very different hacks

Yeah. I tabled all my hacks after my computer blew up on me, but I’m still planning on coming back to this soon

Yeah, same mate. Laptop broke, but I’m still writing scripts and doing whatever I can until I save up for a new one. Small progress every day goes a long way.

Change everything.

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My Desktop had a motherboard fry and it killed everything else too. I’m still mainly an art/design guy, with very little hacking abilities, so I’ve been helping people out instead of hacking, at least as of late. If you want any help, feel free to ask

Well, I don’t really need any help now, but if I get overwhelmed by the sprite making, I’ll try to remember for the future

I’ve been doing pallets and animations for Legends of Avenir, so i’m pretty good at pallets and animation edits