Why won't Trainees promote in my hack

I’m making a small hack but after I got my recruit in it to level 10 but it didn’t promote in the next chapter, can someone explain this to me? is it a problem with the chapter setting?

Are you sure you are using the right trainee class? What all have you changed or done?

The default trainee classes should be:

0x3D Journeyman Ross
0x47 Trainee Amelia
0x3E Trainee Ewan

If you don’t give enough details people can’t help. If what I provided doesn’t help give more details.

Well here is the Trainee unit,

Should I just add a promotion item that promotes trainees just to fix this problem?

Did you change the class at all. I also feel like the default trainee characters should be the only ones that auto promote?

You using FEBuilder for this? Open patches and search trainee to find more possible support.

I found this post that explained it a bit better.

I didn’t edit the classes tho

You can make a promo item for the trainee classes then. Just make sure you select the right class ID.

Ah okay thanks

It might be because the Max Level 10 checkbox isn’t marked (seeing as that was their cap originally and I’m guessing that the flag calls the routine to auto-promote them at the Prep Screen if max level)?

Max level 10 checkbox?
they don’t gain anymore exp after they hit lv 10 tho

Look one post up in the topic that ShinKuma linked: (Fe8) How to edit trainee classes