Why isn't Ryoma king of Hoshido?

He’s adult. His mother’s regency should have ended when he came of age.
Or is she Cixi’ing him?

Because Corin’s siblings from each kingdom needed to be parallels of each other. Ryoma couldn’t become king until Xander was also a king.

because Hoshido and Nohr are at war so Ryoma just doesn’t have the time to be crowned prince, he was over in Cheve for half the story, I believe he’s crowned at the end of the game, surprisingly enough the reason isn’t so that Corrin can be crowned!

Sure but Ryoma looks way older than the traditional age people become crowned (that is 16). What is more, in East Asian countries Hoshido is based on, having child monarchs is very common.
There’s literally no reason why a 25-30 yo prince isn’t yet the king.

Same reason as this I guess.


I don’t think Ryoma’s age matters when he doesn’t have time for being crowned prince, remember, he’s over in Cheve with Scarlet until he joins your army where he’s playing a vital role in, they probably have to do a ceremony or something and Ryoma can’t do that while beheading generic paladin #23

Because the writing for the entirety of Fates is trash.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

For how many years? 10?

Mikoto only died in chapter 5

You don’t seem to understand.
She has no business being the monarch. She isn’t even the biological mother of any of the princes. At most she is the queen dowager. Ryoma ought to be crowned the moment Sumeragi died.

If you’re wondering why Ryoma isn’t king while Mikoto is around clearly you overestimate how much the Fates writers know about dynasties or monarchies, who knows, maybe Hoshido just passes the rule onto the queen? I mean judging by how Mikoto’s retainers are just sort of there, hanging out after her death I don’t think Hoshido thought much about how their system works.

Yeah, I think it’s the answer here.

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