Why does my animation not work


(No this isen’t finished and i know it looks bad and i dont need u to tell me that i should practice) so i was traying to see cant i make characters shot with guns aslso i recolored it, but for some reason it wont import, it says that there is a problem with the sheet 2 i just edited the sheet 1 wit a gun to try it out but it dosent work.
lorm_sp1%20Sheet%202 lorm_sp1%20Sheet%203 lorm_sp1%20Sheet%204 lorm_sp1%20Sheet%205 lorm_sp1%20Sheet%206 lorm_sp1%20Sheet%207 lorm_sp1%20Sheet%208 lorm_sp1%20Sheet%209 lorm_sp1%20Sheet%2010 lorm_sp1%20Sheet%2011 lorm_sp1%20Sheet%2012

i also have the files lorm_sp 1 , lorm_sp1 Frame Data.Dpm


This is generally just not the way people make animations.

Which tools did you use do edit the animation sheets?
Which tool are you using to try and insert them, what steps are you taking?

We don’t have much to go off of here.

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Exported it with FeBuilder, edeited with Usenty
and tryed to import it with FeBuilder agian, and it doest work.


This is not the right way.
Please export in txt format, not in bin format.

Change the file name in export txt instead of bin.
Please change the filter combo box in export dialog.

However, because FEBuilderGBA has palette correction function,
I think it will work even if it is somewhat broken.

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