Why are my blinking frames screwed up!?

Hey Guys, I’ve been lurking quite a bit here now, but haven’t posted anything… until now.

I know the sprite (as beautiful as it is :stuck_out_tongue: ) still needs a little work, my question is about inserting the actual frames into FE7. They load into FEditor Adv no problem (i’m inserting over one of Lyn’s) and play in the game fine, but every time he blinks the closed eye frames jump back a pixel and it gives a really weird look

Any and all help is appreciated, sorry if its obvious im new to modding and havent been able to find it anywhere

Credit goes to my lovely girlfriend for doing all the artsy work i can’t do XD


Basically, your mouth and eye frames need to be aligned to 8 pixels. If they’re off that mark, you’ll wind up with jumping eyes. This image is a handy reference for the 8s.

For placing it and making it work, you’ll need to copy the blinks onto a new layer, put them in the right position, then select aligned with the 8s.


Also, just by looking at the image, the second (eyes closed) portion is one pixel wider than the other. Take @Lisandra_brave’s advice and make sure they both fit that criteria and it should work as you want.

@TytoCorvus Thanks! I will make those adjustments!

@Lisandra_brave Thank you so much! We are using MSPaint however and there is no Layer features, is that a necessity or just to make life easier?

Thank you both for the help! really appreciate it :smile:

Layer features do make work easier, but whenever I’m editing sprites, I try to use Usenti: http://www.coranac.com/projects/usenti/
Its primary purpose is for pixel art/editing and you’ll find sometimes that MSPaint doesn’t keep track of the pallets well, often leading to some wierd color-related glitches.

It doesn’t exactly have a layer system, but you can set whatever color you want as the background and that color will be ignored whenever you drag/drop and whatnot. Pretty useful and way better than MSPaint for editing GBA sprites.

@TytoCorvus Thanks man! i actually Have usenti, but i was just using it for Raquentize or whatever :stuck_out_tongue: ill give it a go tonight when i get from work :slight_smile: MSPaint does have a transparency option as well but it doesn’t have a grid or anything so yeah i can see Usenti being more useful :stuck_out_tongue:

My old template which someone scribbled over.
I do believe alignment is to 8x8 pixels, which is why there are all those squares, though if I’m wrong and it’s 16x16 instead, then I don’t give a fuck.

Copy/paste, make liberal use of your work space, you should be fine. I use MSpaint to sprite and also only rely on Usenti for perfecting if issues in alignment(which never happens) and for palette managing.

@NICKT thanks man! Im too tired to try again tonight, but I will definitely be using all of the above resources sometime soon. Much appreciated guys :slight_smile: